Learning to idle - the week so far!

So one thing I’ve never quite gotten the hang of was idling. The simple fact is, I never really saw the point - on my 36er I just hop on the spot to keep position, and on a smaller wheel just hopping off on and back on again works fine. But with the weather being hit-and-miss this week, I’ve been doing a few half-hour sessions daily (Mostly between rain). I’ve not really been following any guides or anything, just pedalling backwards and forwards and trying not to fall off!

You’re doing well :slight_smile:

I learnt to idle on my freestyle Uni (it is the skill to learn if you want to juggle at the same time!). I don’t have a 29er but I am guessing it must be more difficult to learn the bigger the wheel is…

Good luck

You’ve made a good start! I’m mesmerized by this guy idling on a 36. I’m not that smooth on a 26" wheel.