Learning to idle and what you think the hardest thing was to learn

I have been unicyclin for a bit now but I am still having trouble with idle. What is the easiest way to learn.

What is the hardest trick or basic skil to learn in unicycling.(p.s not riding for the first time)


I thought that learning to ride was way easier than learning to idle. I still feel idling is the hardest thing I have learned so far, and it is not quite second nature.

I am sure there are much harder things to learn than idling. That is one of the things I like about unicycling. There is always a new challenge.

The hardest things i have found to learn are coasting and backwards wheel walk. I’m sure there are much harder things to learn but these are the hardest i’ve done yet. Oh yeah side ride was pretty hard too.

The hardest thing I’ve learned how to do is walk the wheel. I’ve been working on it for almost a month, and I’m still not that reliable at it.

I learned to idle at 1 am in our living room (you might want to try it outside, though). Since I was in a closed space, I had to mount and immediately start idling. Just focus on keeping pressure on the idling foot, and do your pest to keep your weight centered.

There are some tips and a little tutorial video on idling at www.unicycle.2ya.com . One thing that’s not mentioned in the video is that you must twist the wheel before most of the forwards or backwards movement, otherwise you will end up in the same spot you started from. This twisting often requires a more aggressive push than you’d think. Have your arms out wide to counter balance the twist so your upper body stays facing the same direction.

Good luck,

don’t learn idling next to something, learn it between two things. if you’re leaning on a wall you’ll always favor one side of your body, if you learn between, say, 2 trash cans you’ll get the motion down a lot better. once you know the motion, ride away and try idling from riding. it won’t feel as good but you’ll learn it faster.

the hardest trick i’ve learned so far is the 1ft wheel walk, DAMN that’s hard. Gliding is even harder though, i’ve been working my ass off on it and no progress at all.

I would suggest learning it without anything there. Ride, start riding nice and slow and when you come to your preferred foot down lean back a bit, let it go a quarter rev forward then roll it back half a rev and ride off. That’s one idle. When you can do that well enough go on to 2 idles, keep building it up.

Robbie’s right, i still think you should learn between things ONLY long enough to learn what the motion is like. anything beyond that isnt helpful. maybe <1/2 hour between objects, then do it from riding.