Learning to hop

I want to learn to hop. I am a new rider. I can ride off of a curb, but I can’t ride backward or SIF yet. I am just now figuring out how to ride by holding on to the seat handle, but am not sure how to use the handle. I have a Torker DX 24". I ride with normal leg extension. Is that ok for learning to hop? Should I lower the seat? I would appreciate any tips.

Nobody will probably answer you, because they want you to use the search function. I think the search function is a waste of time, so I’ll answer you. To learn to hop you want the seat pretty low, that way before you hop you can start from a low position and spring up. The handle is simple you just hold on to it and pull up on it when you jump. Try holding onto something before you start, then when you feel comfortable let go of what your holding onto and hop real fast and then grab the wall again. Its pretty simple I learnt how to do it before I could ride 5 feet. By the way your only supposed to grab the handle with one hand, although I 've seen it done with 2 before. Good Luck.

don’t worry about what anyone says, you get on the unicycle, you hold the handle, and you jump… try to do 3 or 4 small hops, then go for more… end up like a pogo stick… sorta

oh, 1 hand on the seat …


I had never tried hopping until a few weeks ago when I borrowed a KH20 trials uni at NUMEN 2007 in Killington. I should point out I was an observer and videographer, not a contestant. My first few efforts were pretty pathetic but I finally got to the point where I could hop 20 times. Having a very thick, low-pressure tire helped a lot. The criticism from the folks coaching me was that I had too much weight in the saddle. I guess to do it properly your weight is mostly on the pedals. Can someone more experienced chime in and confirm/deny this?

Absolutely no weight on the seat.

Instead of using the search function, follow Skrobo’s advice and go practice. That’s all it takes. And don’t forget to continue pushing yourself. you will improve.

One other detail. Your feet should be level (3 and 9 position) when you hop.

hopping’s easy. i’ve had trials bikers jump curbs their first time on my unicycle, and yet be unable to ride away.

thats great, i know a biker who his first time landed a 180 unispin. before he could ride.

Thank you all. I’ll get back on my 20" Torker and start doing it. I appreciate the instruction and encouragement. It’s time to ride!

I learnt to hop about a month ago by cheating :astonished:
Oh yes cheating…

I stopped the wheel from rotating by strapping the rim to the frame, with the pedals at 3 and 9 oclock, using some toe clip straps.
This made the unicycle into a pogo-cycle:D
Pogo-cycle can’t fly out front or backward leaving me to master mounting and hopping up and down on the spot, side to side, backwards ect ect without the worry of landing on my arse

After about an hour I unstrapped the rim, changing it back to a unicycle, and hey Presto, with a little more practise, I can now hop…

Good luck


I could hop pretty well before i could even ride an inch. I thought everyone was like that.

great info guys. I have just started trying to hop also. can do 10-15 hops. i am using a 26" torker and found it easier when I let some of the air out of the tire. When you are talking about handles are you meaning the plastic one on the seat or a different metal one? Can this be applied to any seat?

This sounds like a great idea. I’m gonna try it.

The plastic handle on the seat. If you watch some the videos that are linked in the forum you can get an idea of what is going on when hopping. It looks awkward, but hey, riding a unicycle looks awkward.