learning to hop seat in front?

I’m trying to learn how to hop seat in front and i can hop forever on the ground with sif but as soon as i try going up steps or anything else it just feels so out of control. any tips?

Mostly practice.
Or give up.
I suggest the first one.

i have the same problem…i can hop…but not onto or off of things

Didn’t you crack a vertabrae?

ya but in my time of rest I’m thinking of all of the things i should be learning. so once i get back I can catch up.

I think if you practice doing sif overtime it will just eventually come to you. That is what happened to me. Everyone just said practice riding around sif. I did that but hated it and it worked. But don’t worry you won’t learn to get good or even o.k. at sif in one day. But just keep practicing. Any time you just up steps try and jump up them sif instead of seat in. That is what I did and it worked. Hope that helped:)