learning to glide. any help?

can any one give me any help on how to glide? and i ride a 20" if it makes any difference?
please help

wheel walk then learn 1 foot wheel walk then glide

Well, after you’re able to ride smoothly forwards, you can start learning 2-ft wheel walk. Better make it so smooth, that you don’t have to think what you’re doing in the end. Then start practicing 1-ft ww. When you can do it very well, it’s not far from gliding, because you always glide a bit when doing 1-ft wheel walk. Any help?

whats a wheel walk?

Here is a wheel walk:

wheel walk

Here is a one foot wheel walk (in the video below he has his non-walking foot off the frame, it is much easier if it is on):

1 ft ww

It’s when you transfer both feet from the pedals to the wheel, and walk the wheel for movement. You can google image search “wheel walk”, or altavista video search it for some good links that’ll probably just lead you back here.

well once you learn to ww, dont think you have to be perfect at 1 fted ww’ing to go on to gliding. i didnt and i learned and now im doing even bigger things with gliding. the main tip i give is when both your feet are up (one on frame one on tire) dont let them touch at all. youll lose control like that. i taught myself, and no one ever told me that. once i rearranged the position to not let them touch, i got about 20 more ft right off. im gettin wordy so ill stop but i hope that somewhat kinda maybe helps.
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