Learning to freemount


I am just learning to unicycle and am having trouble freemounting. I found this technique on youtube and am starting to get it :sunglasses:

this is a pretty bad technique to freemount in my opinion. if you miss it, ouch

Hmmm Possibly

Yes I have the scars to prove it!!!

But it is the only one I have manged to do successfully :sunglasses:


Been trying for months and still not cracked it!!!

i have been riding for a month and i can freemonunt 100% of the time with both feet. the best thing that works for me is have the pedal at 6 o’clock and put alot of weight on it and just push yourself up with the foot thats on the ground.

Man thats a bad way to do it :thinking:

Its easier if your cranks are horizontal, or if you put the pedal closest to you, a little bit lower than horizontal. This way, if you step up to the unicycle, the pedal won’t kill your leg if you miss.