Learning to BC

So I am just building a BC wheel. But have got one from a friend, and wondered if anyone had any tips on learning to ride a BC? Is it better to tackle it like unicycling and just go kamikaze, or to just a fence/wall or person? Just wondering.

EDIT:I changed the subject of this thread for all you nzis out there who have a problem with everything everyone says.

i just finished my bc today an ive been riding it for about an hour
ive found that its esiest to start on a farily steep slope

stay really low. It’s alot of work and less efficient but you can move around to keep your balance alot easier. as you get better you don’t have to stay as low.

'Arms straight out at a 45 degree angle. Slight slope, push off 2 pobjects on either side of you, 2 chairs back to back about 4ft apart works. or just skate it.

I’ve heard people say that skate mount is a good way of getting on a BC. In a way i guess that would be a step to greatness/riding it. Also i like your avatar grim

thanks man