Learning time - Unicycle for LIfe

Well, I created this topic to talk about the learning time!
clear that each has his own, but there are things that usually take more or less time to learn,
I’ve always been a very fast learner, learning things at a pace that even I was scared haha, so I was always looking for new things to learn, even what should not haha!

But when I started the unicycle, specifically flatland, I started to take long to learn the tricks, and perhaps this delay, the anguish, the extra training that kept me going riding!
I was and I still get angry when I can not do a trick off: p!
But I never give up and always keep trying, even if it takes months or years, but it is logical that sometimes makes you want to hit it the unicycle through the window:)
Share your stories here about the time it takes to learn stuff unicycle
My best was when I tried to wrap my first leg, I prayed to get up after getting 1 full day trying to pray through the second day I got with much sacrifice hahahaha, my mother said it looked nice thought soccer dribbling, and From there I kept trying, praying, falling, rising, screaming with happiness, because it is unicycle for life!

It’s funny about what you said about getting mad. I actually threw my MUni on the trail once, when I couldn’t make a line, and ended up bending the cranks! That was years ago, when I was first learning MUni. I don’t do that anymore haha. MUni has really humbled me a lot and I respect the fact that to do things consistently well takes a lot of practice and dedication.

Then I had a riding buddy around that same time, and he was using my trials uni to learn unispins. He would constantly get pissed off and THROW my trials each time he’d miss, which was most of the time, lol. I think part of what made me stop getting mad at myself was seeing him get all bent out of shape, and I realized how counterproductive it was! (I must admit it was pretty funny to watch though!) If anything, I think getting mad like that just slows down the learning process. :slight_smile:

Yeaah , i always try to get focus and dont get angry , just raise and try again , but i never throw my uni , i had to safe much money and wait much time to buy it , i will never do that hahahah! but when you do something very calm and focus , you always learn faster ! And i´m beeing like you understanding and liking to have to dedicate myself and practice a lot, is more than one therapy and a new lifestyle, you probably will not annoy me with stupid things: p