Learning the seat drag

Hey, I’m just wondering if anyone would have any tips for learning the seat drag. I can’t seem to find anything on it.

Thanks in advance!

Practice riding with the seat farther and farther out using less and less pressure to hold it. Eventually you will get good enough you have to just start working on the actual seat drag. It will help your muscles become more used to controling the uni without using the seat.

or if you have a UW you can use it to practice. actually, its more the other way around. seat drag helps UW

I actually didn’t learn it via the ridign seat out method.

I started by practising stability from mounting with the seat on the ground. I’d hold a wall and get on my wheel with the seat down. That forced me to get a sense of balance without the wheel rubbing against my calves.

When I got used to that, I learnt to move off from the wall while still having the seat down. I couldn’t (and still can’t) move off for far from that but it taught me the right muscles to use and the weight distribution to get moving.

The next thing I did after was just to ride, then grab my seat out and release it. Initially I found it easier to just ride while standing and tiptoe and shift my cycling til the seat drops from the back.

I find dragging the seat in the back easier because I don’t worry about tripping on the frame and it is easier to get into if you use a special technique. Pull the seat out so that only the edge of the lift handle is still touching your butt. Ride along with both hands out until you feel balanced and have a steady pedal stroke, then without disrupting this zen state, straighten your legs a bit and let the seat drop.

Keep your body at a constant height, floating over your bending legs and feel the wheel tilt from side to side as you correct it with pedal pressure that is independent of the rotational torque driving the wheel. Hold the pedals with the balls of your feet and use the ankles for fine control.

Riding seat out in as many was as possible helps tremendously. Circles, figure-8’s, backwards, in front, in back, on the side: all while trying to have a smooth pedal motion and very little pressure on the seat.

Thanks for the tips, they are all extremely helpful! I haven’t had much time to ride lately but when I have I’ve been perfecting my seat out riding…I can now do it by just resting the palm of my hand on the top, I hardly keep it rigid anymore. Just need to let go now, eh?

justtysen, thanks for that piece of advice, I’ve always tried seat drags with the seat in front and one of my main problems is tripping over the frame when I fall off, I’ll try dropping it behind me tomorrow :slight_smile:


I have a question maybe not exactly about seat drag but I think connected to it…
I have some problems riding sif trying to do rollin 360unispin - I have both hands on left side of saddle. I spin using right hand.
When I try to ride sif with this hand position I often ride for 2meters, then I fall because I put too much pressure on one pedal or the other…

Do You think learing seat drag will help me with rolling 360 unispins (generally riding sif trying to do some rolling tricks)?


just go for it and over time you will be able to ride for longer that’s how I learnt.

I almost twisted my ankle while trying the seatdrag. My leg hit the tire and i fell forwards and steped on the side of the saddle. I can ride about one rev but then the tire hits my leg, so that I can’t ride on. I’ll just have to practise more :wink:

It will help, but it is more difficult than want you want to do and so is not necessary. Just practice riding around in your pre-unispin position of SIF both hands on the left.


I supposed it is not necessary but sometimes I get bored with riding in pre-unispin position of sif (do it a lot;/) and I will train seat drag to make rides more joyful :stuck_out_tongue:

counter-counter greets

I got this trick pretty consistent this week, it’s great fun and seems to be a great crowd pleaser :stuck_out_tongue:

How on earth do I get the seat back up though?! I’ve seen people just flick it up…I presume you let the back of your foot bring it up as you rotate the pedals but can’t for the life of me angle it right.

I´m trying to do it from time to time, stil haven´t really figured out how, it´s a strange sense of balance there. Fact 1: You have to be directly over the hub to make it good. Fact 2: Speed helps! Tried it very slow, it was hard. Tried it faster, it went farer. Greetings.

look above this post, theyre all there.