learning the one foot wheel walk

bang i practiced today and i did it and im so happy. i found it easy to transfer directly into it from riding. i can do about 5 strokes before a) falling b) wheel-walk saving c) transferring back to regular riding. i cant wait to get good, so i can learn gliding. im so close. i dont practice enough anymore. im will in about 2 weeks when freakin’ school ends. school is good to be in, but when it ends, its rockin’ awesome! or whatever.

well done…

seems like you are doing well.
I learnt one foot wheel walking pretty quickly…progress comes easily so practice a bit and you should get tons better.

If you can already go from pedals to 1ft ww then when it comes to going from pedals to glide you will probably be able to do that pretty well.

Once you can 1ft wheel walk consistently start gliding! it’s one of the coolest things possible. I wasn’t that great at 1ft wheel walking when i started gliding. When i learnt 1ft ww i dragged the foot on the tyre when bringing it back up. Try doing this and extending it further and further. Gliding is a really fun trick so as soon as you can 1ft ww well start learning… it was one of the best decisions i ever made.