Learning the Leg Wrap a second time around.

I’m having a little bit of difficulty with Leg wraps using my right leg. I can consistently land leg wraps with my left leg(and my right foot on the crank), but when I try to wrap my right leg around, my unicycle just rolls forward and I fall.

Is there any advice someone can give to me, or is it just practice?
(Though I think I’m missing something, because it just feels impossible…)

I used to have the exact same problem. I know it’s annoying when people say it, but just keep practicing. Maybe hold onto something as you go through the motion of the leg wrap, or do it facing uphill.

I cannot relate. My first legwraps were done with my front foot on the crank, so I learned not to roll forward the first time around, and the second leg was just a breeze.

Practice. With loads of it, you’ll get it in a week or so.

What kinda cranks you using?

I think this is a related problem…

It’s to do with the positioning of the foot on the cranks… I can do it easily when the pedal is behind the my foot and I’m standing on the crank.

But I can’t even begin to do it when the cranks are flipped 180 and the pedal is in front of my foot and I’m standing on the crank.

The wheel always rotates as soon as I lift of one foot, even uphill.

I believe it’s probably just lots of practice, but is there any advice how to balance it so the wheel doesn’t roll?

I really want to learn to do it with the crank facing fowards, so I can learn to do that cool thing, where as you leg wrap you push the wheel, so the cranks roll to the other side, and then you do with with the other foot. :smiley:

Does anyone know what that move is called? :smiley:

crank role lol or so thats what i call them… anyways ya i had the same problem or leaning forward no matter which side i was on. try starting with whichever foot you want on the crank then the other on the ground and start with doing it as a mount. hopefully that helps

It helped me to hold on to a wall and practice in super slowmo, doing the leg wrap motion very slowly to not throw me off balance but get used to the motion. It helped me, hopefully it will help you