Learning stage - Where to go next??

Hi there unicyclists,
My name is André and im looking for some advices to improve my learning stage as a Unicycler.
So…i started riding like 3weeks now and think ive been improving at a good rate, heres a list of what i can do:

  • controled ride foward (can follow a straight line for a good 150+meters)
  • turn left and right (altho in big circles still - working on it as we speak)
  • non-assisted mounting

my question here is whats my next logical step? riding backwards? idling? I know i need to improve my skills on normal riding but i just wanted to know what i should be aiming for cause i feel like couple more weeks and i will have my standard skills quite good.

Thx in advance for all the replys…keep riding :slight_smile:

Start by watching some unicycle videos, look up street ones, freestyle, flatland, muni, trials.

See which style you like, and make the next logical step based on where you plan on going.

But in general, every unicyclist should know idling and riding backwards, but they be insanely delayed until later in your learning and you can still be golden.

I have been riding for nearly a year now and I’m only just working on backwards and idling. Everyone learns differently though so it is up to you if you think you are ready.

A good next step would be riding up/down curbs and other small obstacles, maybe up to about 20cm. It’s very useful for getting around.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I would suggest learning to hop on the spot, it’s easier than idling but just make sure you don’t neglect learning to idle in the future!

Also, if you can ride in a straight line and turn, see if you can ride a set distance from your house. Say, 1-2km to start with and go further when you feel you can. This way you will gain a bit of endurance and learn how to position yourself as you go up and down hills or ride over different terrain. And hey, it’s always fun to see peoples reactions! :smiley:

Learn how to dismount, hop or idle 10 times, and do a figure 8.

Learning how to ride with one foot is also good for learning control of the unicycle.

many of these ideas are great, but you wont be riding with one foot for a while. i would recommend hopping next, as it is easy to learn and will help you traverse in different areas. then you should try riding backwards

thx for all the tips, really apreciated. ive now couple ideas where to go now…Currently working on hoping, idling aswell.
Also have drawed a figure 8 and a small 2m diameter circle on the floor where i started riding to improve the turns.

ive also went for a ride today about 2km more or less near my home, it was great! think i will start riding when going to the cafe and small stuff near home :smiley:

btw im also thinking on upgrading my uni since its a borrowed one im thinking on buying one. after couple movies think i will buy a trial/muni 20" - thinking on buying a QU-AX Muni 20" (http://www.qu-ax.com/en/products/all-terrain-unicycles/muni) from the stuff ive read seems a strong and decent uni for those riding styles considering price/quality, what u think about them?

Qu-Ax unis are great. they are very robust and their design is improving constantly. you can choose between the muni or the cross 20" - both would be great for your current needs - the muni would probably even be more that what you really need.
I checked on their web-site and they don’t have a portugal importer. Where are you planning to buy it from?

I have a 24" Cross - fantastic uni. It takes loads of abuse and hasn’t had any problems.

I highly recommend it! :smiley:

they actually have - ive thought they didnt aswell but aparently theres a juggling mat shop near my home that they can order directly from them :smiley:

still waiting on a reply for prices still, asked for prices on a 20" and 24" to see if they difere much…think price will prolly better since having a 50eur+ tax for mailing is quite expensive…have to wait and see.

I would say to wait on hopping, sorry Chuck Norris, and learn to idle.

being able to idle is very important and can help with learning to ride backwards (transitioning from one to another)

And you probably shouldnt learn to ride one-footed yet… that takes a while and can be discouraging.

And that Muni is a good one too :smiley:

Wonder how Orek is getting on?

Anyway in response to the original query, what to do next after learning to stay on the wee beastie everybody suggested the obvious riding trick skills, idling and hopping. Learning to get up and down kerbs is a good idea though. Must do that :roll_eyes: I think the riding one footed might be pushing it a bit though!!

For what it’s worth I would now say that a useful skill which has a direct influence on the learner’s further development would be to ride with no hands!! Yeah ok ok . Holding on to the seat or your head is what I mean :smiley: I have found it incredibly difficult to hold the seat with both hands and keep riding. It seems to me to be a relatively easy!!, low risk and worthwhile skill that has a direct influence on one’s ability to control the uni.

What do the experienced riders think?


When I started I followed the IUF skill levels until level 5 or 6 to teach me the basics, and then went off to do trials skills. The reason why I stopped following the IUF skills after around 5 is because it tends to specialize in skills for freestyle which is not what I wanted to do.

But IMHO this is the best way to do it.

Learn to idle. It will make your riding much, much better. I unicycled for a long time, leveling off in skill, but once I learned to idle, which doesn’t take very long (well…any uni skills require patience…), my overall balance and comfort and even turning improved dramatically, and I have had several other friends have this experience. Also, and this is less important, learn to hop if you are so inclined. It’s just a skill that you’ll have to know sooner or later, and it doesn’t take much practice because it’s kind of a knack. Just try to level out your pedals, hold onto the front of the seat and hop a couple times every day and you’ll figure it out pretty soon. But I would say idling is far more important because of the wide applicability of the muscle movements necessary for the skill.

For me, hopping came fairly easy. So the next thing I did was various freemounts - i use the rolling mount most. Then next, I found that idling helped my overall balance and control (took me a week and then only on my right foot - still working on the left). Idling made riding backwards much easier.