Learning question -- knees hurt

I am just starting to learn to unicycle. I’m at the point where I can cruise around a parking lot with the assistance of ski poles. My question:

After doing this for a while, I noticed that my knees hurt. Am I putting too much weight on the peddles, instead of the seat? Is my seat too low. I don’t find the seat to be very comfortable (24" Torker LX) and also noticed that the unicycle seems to be a bit less stable with more weight on the seat.

Comments? Suggestions?

I’m not sure at what height your seat is at but a seat that is too low could be your problem.
Also if you haven’t rode before you might just be employing different muscles that your not used to using. take time to rest in between short sessions of riding so that don’t overdo it and get too sore.

When you are learning, your knees take a real good beating because you have to use them constantly to speed up or slow down to balance. as your skills improve, the pain will go away. I had the same problem for a while.

I would ditch the ski poles :wink:

I would ditch the ski poles :wink:

I would ditch the ski poles :wink:

:astonished: Trip post wdf!! how did u manage that!

Ski poles are usually considered detrimental to learning, because if you crash you can impale yourself on them. In my opinion its better to learn without them. You’ll learn quicker and more safely.

In general if your knees are hurting your saddle is too low. As a rough guide for a 20" unicycle the top of the saddle should be the same height as your belly button when you’re standing on the ground. Try and put most of your weight on the saddle, rather than the pedals.

Good luck!

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