learning progress

i feel that i need a progress check. where should i be (where were you?) at about 2 weeks (around 20 total hours) of riding?

riding good enough… I coudl turn both way and drop off of curbs…

was able to ride skakly though and no tricks yet

Still getting on and falling off immediately.


after two week i became established in riding a unicycle. up n down curbs and hops… n hops no hands.

it was kinda hit and miss with me…i could mount with the assistance of a pole and ride until i was tired out most times. but sometimes it just wouldnt go…but dont guage yourself by how we were doing…everyone learns at their own pace.

i could ride it qafter 2 weeks just about hop a bit

Looking like I was working out on a mobile stair stepper. On, off, on, off, on, off…

after 20 hours i could freemount, ride and turn good and do some baby jumps…

ummmm, i could ride reasonably well althoug i would fall off every now and then.

Kepp going btw, stuff starts to get very fun when you can hop and are a bit more confident.


after 2 weeks I could ride about 100 nyards
it was so sweeeeeet!
sometimes, the learning process, i think, was the best part of riding the unicycle.
still can do hops, or any tricks, but that is not the reason I ride. i ride to ride around my neighborhood, like others ride bikes.

I could ride for about 6 blocks before having to get off, could turn easily either way, go off curbs, do very light muni, and self mount everytime

I’d have to second that. I look back fondly at the initial stages of learning to ride. That continued persistance of falling off and getting back on for hours on end was amazingly fun. Then it was completely awesome when I could finally ride across the parking lot.

Now it’s still fun, but it’s not as new and fresh as it was in the beginning.

And to answer the actual question, after two weeks I was able to freemount, ride for a couple of blocks, shakily turn, do some tiny little hops, and maybe go off a smaller curb on a good day.

i could mount 4 to 6 different ways, ride, hop, and do a few other things

Ride down my street, probably 20-30% freemounting success, turn, drop off curbs.

Re: learning progress

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 00:03:55 -0600, francistorker wrote:

>i feel that i need a progress check. where should i be (where were
>you?) at about 2 weeks (around 20 total hours) of riding?

Some kind of progress check can be found here: