Learning no-footers

I’m trying to get better at street, and be able to actually do trick type stuff down things. So, I’m thinking I want to learn no footers, as a step towards unispins. What’s the best way to learn these?

I learned set in, seat out no footers are a lot harder. just hop in one spot, jump up and take your feet off, then land with them back on.

This is an old pic back when i just got it down.

I can do them okay,the way I do them is just lift your feet up high.You have to jump up and not forward.

The thing is I cant do it off of things.I need to work on that o lot.

Its one of those things you just gotta go for and hope for the best, try on grass first and do it static. Here’s a pic of me seat out, if you wear shinpads you won’t really get hurt unless you twist your ankle on a bad landing or something like that. The pic is really blurry cause it was cropped out of a bigger pic to get it that size and then I had to resize it to fit it in the post.

I beg to differ. Trying any trick where the feet leave the pedals has major potential for a nasty pedal bite. Whenever you try to get back on the pedals, you can miss or slip off and those pedals go straight for your shin or calf. This is what happened to me when attempting a similar no-footer stunt. I don’t think pads are ever a bad idea.

Wow that looks familiar…

Were you wearing pads? Did they have calf protection? I wasn’t saying they were a bad idea I said if you wear them you have basically nothing else to worry about. I have numerous similar scars that I got from my days before using shinpads. I just use soccer ones cause I’m cheap and I find they are ok. I ride with Snafu’s with pins and I generally don’t worry about my calfs, but I am strongly opposed to my pedal’s making contact with the bone of my shin. Some day I might get full leg pads I don’t know we’ll see.


DOnt forget balls-you could hurt them too.

And doing seat out no-footers,you could smash your ribs on the seat if you miss the pedals,I did somthing like that.

But,they’re not that dangerous really.

You could do that walking down the street.


ok, I worked on these for a while. I was just having trouble gettng my feet to come off the pedals, I’m too used to static hopping and tucking the uni up.

However, I managed to do it better than before by just pressing down on the handle. On some, my uni didn’t even com off the ground. That helped. I can actually get my feet off now, that’s good. It’s just an issue of psyching myself up.

What do I do about my pedals spinning? I don’t want to land on one that’s vertical… Maybe land crank hopping?

Thinking about this, has anybody done a body varial (Body spins, uni doesn’t) on a uni? That would be awesome. It’s what I thought jacinto’s giant 180 no footer was in universe 2, but I guess not.

Yeah they’ve been done,at least one person I know of is unicycle98966/tuna98966(somthing like thaT)I know other people can do it too.

I have a problem with the pedals spinng too,but I usaly land them anyway,somtimes I end up doing a pedal flip(crankflip,with pedals):slight_smile:

as long as you have platform pedals, i.e. the pedals that are slanted, not completely rectangle, then pedals will spin back to their original position when you land on them. if you have rectangular ones… get platform pedals.

When i do anything where i leave the pedals, i lower my seat so i can sit on it and be able to have both feet on the ground so if i miss the pedals and land on the seat i wont die.
Heres a pic me doing a no footer (i had to resize it in paint so it might be a little distorted and my arm is at a really weird angle, it doesnt usually look like that):smiley:

Okay well heres my nofooter pic.A little late