Learning Journal

WOW! Fellow Learning Journalers!

Awesome stuff from everyone! You should all be “chuffed” like DD (so happy to hear you are riding again)! Snow, cones, 8’s, off road, bigger wheels!..

Now I really have some serious catching up to do. Can’t wait.


Giant Snow Snakes? OMG! :astonished:


All I can say is WOW

TS and MAW, you two are out on the front edge! Mad skills is right. But it is very motivating to see what you are doing. I also question my ability to ride in snow, but I am going to give it a try soon. I have done a little hopping on the 20" but have not made an attempt on the 26" yet. TS, nice vid. The idling is also a ways in the distance for me, but seeing you do it so smoothly was cool on that big wheeled beast. The video doesn’t really do it justice - you have to see it in person to get a feel for how big the tire is on it! Talk about GIANT snow snakes :astonished: :smiley:

KS - we are ready for any reports. Have you had a chance to even sit in the saddle in you hallway yet?

Jamberry - with your skills the slalom course should be a breeze, but it is still a lot of fun. Sounds like you are going to get your kids going on one wheel?

I love the photo’s and video’s - guess I better get a vid soon. I know a young man that loves to take them and post them on youtube after some creative editing so I need to get him over here. I am thinking of doing a free-mounting-for-noobies piece. I had to dig around a lot on youtube and various unicycle sites to find good information, but still didn’t ever find a video that I thought explained the static and roll back mounts in good detail or showed what it would look like/feel like from a newbie point of view. And none of the videos that I saw did a very good job of teaching what to focus on. So a good training video would be fun to make - unless someone knows of one that they thought nailed it for newbies (not like anyone else would watch it :))

Today all I had time for was about 10 minutes indoors with my pal Scot at work. Not much to report, but I was able to make some pretty tight turns and numerous stalls as I rode 8’s around some tables set pretty close together. I did a single idle two different times, and came to a complete stop while turning several times (what I am calling a stall). Scot has known how to ride for 20+ years, but he never put much time in. I think my progress is motivating him to practice - cool!

G’night TLJ. You guys (and ladies) rock the UNI-verse! :sunglasses:

NSYO - Snow riding is fun, but you have to keep your speed up especially with the big Duro tire. Hopping on the 26" isn’t that difficult as I think the big tire gives you more “bounce” than on the 20". I think you are certainly due to master idling. It took me 3 solid days of practice to idle on one side for 30 seconds and then I just work it into my riding whenever I think about it. Still working on my non-dominant (left) foot though. I learned to idle by starting from the roll-back mount on the 20". Idling from a stall is also helpful. I’ve attached another vid and the roll-back is the last mount.


And yes, the 26" appears considerably larger and taller when you’re on top of it. I calculated the weight of the Duro as a little over 4 pounds! That’s alot of weight to push around. I’m expecting a Maxxis Minion 26 x 2.7 dual ply today (Jenson USA for $16.99) which weighs in around 3 pounds. But I may just leave the Duro on for the winter as it hooks up so well in the snow.
I snapped the bearing cap bolts off the 20" cheapie in the video so I ordered a Nimbus x 24" frame from UDC for $10! It’s also due to arrive today and I hope my cheapie hub fits while I try my hand a wheelbuilding.

Perhaps we should conspire to terrorize some small English village with an outbreak of Giant Snow Snakes. It would be just like crop circles, only drunk unicyclist would be responsible rather than a few lads from the local pub. :slight_smile:

I think the locals in any small English village would have far worse things to weird you out than you could throw at them! muwhahahahahah twirls English mustache and swishes English cape

I’ve been out for a short time making some snow snakes m’self this evening. There were too many kids around that it started to feel like playing skittles! :wink:

Hey there KS…how’s the poorly toe? How close are you to getting wheeled-up and getting a bit of your own ‘chuffed-ness’? :smiley:

All my UNI time is still vicarious (you GO LJer’s!!!), visualization and day dreaming :0). Yet another x-ray next wednesday…hoping hard for the all clear before the week I have off for the upcomming holidays! Happy Weekend Peddling All, KS

@tstessney: That’s a nice display of mounts in your vid. I haven’t learned the jump mount yet because I’m nervous about missing the peddles. It’s next on my list after the wheel walk.

Not much to report

Been taking some time off to work on the knees. My ortho said the reason why knees hurt more when getting up and stepping down curbs is because the muscle has to lengthen and that puts the most strain on a muscle. So based on that I’m really working on stretching the quads and other front of the leg muscles.

Good to read about the progress everyone is making.

aarons: It’s an “all or nothing” thing. You just have to do it. Keep your eyes on your tire so you can see both pedals at the same time. Jump up like you’re jumping up onto a box - keep both feet level when you hit the pedals. Hold the front of the saddle with your dominant hand and do a couple of hops to get your balance, or just ride away if you’re balanced. Next to the roll mount, I think it’s the easiest mount.

A few new things…

I took the road tire off the Muni and put on the big nobby. I pumped it all the way up to 15 psi ;). I also moved the pedals back to the outside hole (165) but I think I lowered the saddle too much because I was struggling to get my balance. I rode around the on the lawn, including some shallow snow, and through some sidewalk-road transitions that have ice in them. It is very different with the wider nob tire.

Then I jumped on the 20 and worked for while on several things;

  • idling - didn't make much progress
  • stalls - did a bunch, mostly inadvertently trying other things
  • hopping - made lots of progress :) including;
  • mount to immediate hopping
  • hop a while then ride away
  • hop with one foot forward, pedal, hop with other foot forward
  • hop with either hand on grip
  • change hands while hopping (only did once)
  • rolling mount - nice progress, including right into hop
  • roll back mount - getting much better, even when it starts bad I can recover
  • opposite foot mount - did my first one ever! :sunglasses: I found that the rolling mount is easier than the static. i will mix this into my practice for the next several sessions until I get it better.

My motivation to try this stuff primarily comes from the TLJ gang :D. I would be trying on my own, but reading your stuff and seeing your progress makes go for it even more!

I found a new friend here in Utah (actually he found me) and we are going to go for a ride just before the new year. His name is “UPD in Utah” - cool name! I need to get in a couple longer rides before then to try to get better so I don’t keep him waiting :o

G’night everybody. Thanks for all the motivation, tips, and friendship. Quite the team!!

I find that changing the seat height and the length of the cranks really take some getting used to. Doing both at the same time would throw anyone off balance!

Good to hear about everyone’s progress. I’ve been riding for over a year now but I still check this thread out every day to see how you are all getting on!


I haven’t been practicing much, but my wheel walking is coming along well anyway. I get 13 or 14 kicks in pretty regularly now and can transition into it from riding. A few days ago I had one that was just epic. I lost count of how many kicks. I must have gone 40 yards :slight_smile:

I had a similar experience with idling. I had been muddling around at about 15 revs for more than a week when I suddenly did 35 and then 60 in one practice session. How do you all learn? Does it happen gradually or all at once?

I told myself I’d buy a new unicycle when I figured out wheel walking. Close enough. I ordered a K-1 Green Spirit. It’ll get here on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

Hi y’all!
My hubby (“Habeeb”) is back in town and tried out his new Nimbus II 20" today for the first time. We were gonna ride outside, but it was cold and VERY windy (gusting up to 30mph), so we stuck to the garage. He managed to ride all the way across the garage several times, both on the 20" and on my 24" MUni. He had tried to learn to ride in years past, and today caught back up with his previous abilities. I’m really looking forward to his learning how to ride so we can ride together!

Our 13yo also joined us to give it a whirl and he almost made it across the garage a couple times. It’d be awesome if he learns how to ride too! He’s got some additional motivation because we just bought our godsons (one of whom is one of his good friends) unicycles for their birthdays, and they are very motivated learners. It’ll be fun to see how the boys all compare when we see them next at New Years!

I decided to work on hopping some today when the boys let me have a turn with a uni. I was free mounting into immediate hopping and managed a good run of 10 hops before UPDing. It may not sound like much, but it was a personal best for me!

The funniest guy in the garage today was our 2yo son doing trials on his trike! He was a scream! He wants a uni so badly and insisted on riding my MUni today (with a lot of help from mom!). We can’t wait until he’s actually big enough to fit a tiny uni of his own. He’s a whiz at all things athletic already!

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same weather-wise, so I expect we’ll be in the garage again. Habeeb will probably work on free mounting in addition to riding, UnianaJones (our 13yo) on getting across the garage, and I’ll work on more hopping skills, including transitioning to riding, or that’s the plan anyway.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

Received my new Nimbus x 24" frame on Saturday. Fits the 20" wheel nicely, is very beefy and a real steal at $10. Feels very awkward climbing back on the 20" wheel. Seems like I pedal like mad and get nowhere as compared to the 26". May try my hand at wheelbuilding before the cheapie 20" wheel craps out.
Switched the Duro out for a very light MTN bike tire (IRC trailbear 2.5) I had laying around. Quite nice to ride in the city park and neighborhoods, although I will probably switch back to a dual ply when I hit the woods. The Maxxis Minion 2.7 DH I ordered showed up on Friday - it weighs about a full pound lighter than the Duro.

I built my first wheel a few months ago. It was quite the experience but in the end the result was all that I hoped for.

+1 on getting nowhere fast on a 20"

Getting better at wheelwalking. Have been going at it daily for a bit over a week now and I am finding it more comfortable having my feet off the pedals. whilst before I was just pushing the wheel with my feet until I fell off, now I have some semblance of control and feel stable for a while and maybe seven pushes with my feet before I fall off.

The best way to learn it I found was first to idle with one foot out front, then put the free foot on the wheel when you are at the far end of your forward idle, this puts you in the right position to start pushing the wheel

I actually measured the length from pedal spindle to saddle (very scientific! ;)) but then I decided in my vast wisdom that since I would be riding off road and bumps that I needed xtra space between me and the saddle. Well, that didn’t work out as well as I thought :o. But hey, you gotta try stuff right?

Thanks for checking in with us - you have thrown in some helpful tips here and there so we appreciate it!

Congrats on the wheel walking progress. It seems impossible at this point, but then again so did just about everything 2 months ago. As for learning, it seems like I have had some of both the gradually and all at once. But it seems like my most common pattern is that I think I can do something, then for a while I really struggle with it before it starts to stick.
Where do you buy K-1 unicycles? Is there much difference between them and Nimbus? The muni frames look the same to me, but the freestyle like you are buying looks more like a KH…

May be old inventory but K1’s seem to be on sale a bunch of places. Cheapest is meijer although I just ordered one from makai’s.