Learning Journal

Good to see you back Risk.

Sounds like that 24" is the right way to go. You will be on that 29" before long. Then I will be envious and will have to get a new uni myself, but not before I can ride 2 miles without a dismount!

I will be posting progress again shortly.

I can’t believe how HOT it is here, and no rain. The trees and grass are drying up and turning brown.

How’s that cooler weather up in Ohio?
Sounds marvelous!

Don’t worry about dismounts they just happen.

You can balance on curbs, squeezing past a signpost with your hip to the side so the pedals don’t catch. Ride over the weirdest curb obstacle courses (those poor people depending on wheelchairs, how do they manage in this world?).
And on the smoothest piece of road, the one you’ve ridden without incident for a hundred times, something will just rip away your uni. You’ll walk back and never find the bump that must have caused it.

Short version. UPDs happen. Don’t count them, don’t be disappointed about them. They don’t mean you haven’t mastered your uni. They’re just statistical noise.

I’m getting a new uni! I had a big dilemma on which to get first, a 20" trials or a big wheel (29" at least). Decided on getting the smaller wheel first to practice stuff on, and continue using the 24" to “pootle”(saw this word being used here and I kind of like it) around. Will also replace the nasty seat I have on the 24".

Looking forward to your progress!

Having a great time practicing! I measured out the block around my house and it’s 1/2 km so had the time and went for it 46 complete circuits with two 5 min breaks for water as it’s 34° here. 23 km’s in 3 hrs, turns seem to be comming along not to tight and a bit twitchy but turns. I wonder if anybody else felt this way at this stage, it’s such a great feeling spending more time ridding than trying to ride! This has given me a great boost and I now want to learn how to start mounting kerbs and small steps ???

Good to see everyone is working hard! I just picked up the hardware to fix my seat post clamp =D I am also contemplating buying a HOT PINK Coker =D i just think a 36er is the way to go =D haha and a big step up from a 20" which means once i get it down i will be destroying my 20"!!!

I am thinking about selling mine. It is not hot pink, but it would be a great starter 36er if you are interested. See posts #378 & #384 in this thread;

Hey, it looks pretty awesome, but you are A LOT taller then me, so it would require some retro fitting for my super short legs, haha… I will keep it in mind though, i have to get some repairs done on my car so depending on how much those run up to will depend on weather or not i will be buying a second uni right now. But i do want one and i don’t see the issue with yet another challenging uni =D haha

I’m shorter than you!! The 36" wheel would be like 5 cm above my butt, if I can ride one. Lol!

Treating a tiny plantar wart on the ball of my left foot… and it hurts when I walk… may not get any riding this week =(

Had some spectacular free mounts this evening!, i had probably 80% success rate! I did a 270 degree turn in about 4 feet… it was pretty awesome… It was a good night =D

Great thread…I was searching for a learners progress sharing thread…is this meant to be that?

After fooling around on my daughter’s 20" Torker last winter for a total of maybe an hour I picked up a used Nimbus II last night.

Just in from my first hour on the Nimbus with pretty good results. Road 20-30 ft several times. Also road off a 5 inch drop off the patio onto grass and kept going for at least anther rev. My 10 yr old daughter also joined in the hour session and she road a max distance of 23 ft (we used the tape measure often.) This is great because I’m usually playing baseball/football/lacrosse with my 8 yr old son, but now I’m learning to uni with my daughter. Man, I love things with wheels. :smiley:

Welcome, miktco! Yes, you are definitely in the right place! My first post here was this year, March 19, page 23. I could ride 3 house lengths before my legs gave out. Last week, I did 10 miles on my 24. Lots of good information, Key Learning Points, and a whole lotta people having a whole lotta fun learning to one-wheel it! Don’t be intimidated by some of the successes you read about, this is definitely a Learning Journal. We were all in your place, and it wasn’t that long ago. Soon, newbies will be reading about your accomplishments!

It was a odd day and ti came in waves…

Morning - took my car in because it was having a few small issues.

Late Morning - Found out that my car needed $3500 i repairs… i paid $3300 for the car 2 3/4 years ago…

Lunch - Went car shopping…

Afternoon - Nap

Evening - Went out on the uni to relieve some stress.

Night - Went back out car shopping…

It was just an unexpected thing… But my uni ride was kind of mind boggling as well… I was doing my usual riding and i got the itch to go some where on it, so i headed off, my free mounting was not going as well as it has been with about 40-50% success rate but it was riding well. I got to a section where the path running along a school went 45 degrees left and i want to go right but it was a 5" drop onto a rough walking path. “I AM ON A MUNI AND I WAS BORN FOR THIS!” was my only thought so i grabbing the handle, peddled a little faster, landing the drop, rocked the path, and then made a 45 dregree turn from the walking path over a 1 1/2" lip back onto the side walk and rode down the sidewalk =D I was speechless… I rode for about 1 1/2 blocks to my local bike shop with 2 upds at intersections, and was thrilled to actually get somewhere on it =D

@ Animal cage - love the sig! I cannot stress this enough with people!

@ Miktco - Welcome! Family time is important!

You’re almost there to riding around the neighborhood! :slight_smile:

I bought a nimbus too, it arrived today and I stopped whatever I was doing to fix it up. From Korea to Singapore in 2 days, I’m impressed. Shipping was 50+USD though, from Unicycle.kr.

Only rode it at home for a few meters, can’t imagine scratching it up!! :frowning:

A uni without scratches is like a soldier without scars. Tame and wasted.

Hee hee. This will be my skill learning uni, so it will definitely be all banged up. And I’m sure after some time, I won’t really care anymore. But you know what’s it like with new and shiny stuff. The first scratch is the most painful :slight_smile:

if you don’t like the seat feel free to ship it to canada =D haha nice machine!



If you roll your wheel across the ground 1 revolution and measure the distance then you can easily count the distance by just counting the number of times the crank goes around. I always knew about where I started, and of course where I UPD’d, so I could just grab the uni and roll it back on the course I just rode, and quickly figure the distance. On my 20" it was almost exactly 5 feet for one tire rotation, so the calculation was super easy. It made it really fun and quick.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Its interesting that some of us, when we start the uni learning process, take the time to count pedal revolutions to determine distance and progress. Like others on the forum, I measured in estimations and houses past while riding. I did use the odometer in my car to measure the block length at one point.

Measuring progress and adjusting our technique as we go is an important part of the learning process. I’m currently vacationing in Yosemite and have faced a new challenge-freemounting on an incline. Normally during a static mount, I placed my left pedal at 2 o’clock (using my right, dominant, foot to prep for the hop up) then after setting the angle of the left pedal, I would look forward and hop up and place my left foot on the pedal and ride forward.

The other day, I noticed this freemounting strategy was not satisfactory. I changed two things: First, I moved the left pedal to about 2:30 and Second, when hopping up I kept my eye on my left pedal to insure correct foot placement. This small change made freemounting on an incline very successful. Things may change a little as I keep practicing, but for now this has made a big difference for me.

A long road ahead

So I got a 20" recently, and changed the cranks of the 24" from 150mm to 125mm.

I tried holding on to a wall and hopping on the 20"… and then tried to do it while moving forward. Tried twice, fell off twice. Think I’ll focus on turning first before hopping. :roll_eyes: Also tried going up sidewalks (1/2" curbs) and it seems harder than on the 24". Fell backwards and landed on my tailbone. Will wear my camelback from now on ~_~

After about 40mins I took the 24". Tried to ride it before trying to freemount, and man it feels so different. It’s like I’m 2 gears higher now. Took me 3 tries before I could start moving around, for a moment it was like learning how to ride all over again.
The 125mm cranks also made cycling uphill, or slowing down while downhill, much harder. Went for a 4km ride and headed home for dinner.

Big Surprise

Went out with my eldest son today and we accopanied my wife on her walk along the river tow path, so after the harder terran we get back on the tarmac and my wife has been having ago on the uni and holds my hand for support while I walk allong side, today she when about five metres with my support let go of my hand and rode 35 or 40 metres down the road :astonished: we are surprised but extremly proud of her, thats now 4 riders in the family!