Learning Journal

Happy birthday, Alucard!

Went for a ride yesterday, first time in a month. Started with a ride in the woods close to my place and really had fun. Felt really good, ground was soft with all the winter rain, and I surprised myself by being able to go over some pretty big holes, roots and even deep muddy parts. Really enjoyed it and it made me want to do more.

After 5ish km, I switched to my road 29"/125mm cranks, which has a brand new Hookworm tire. I felt really uncomfortable with it. It wouldn’t go straight unless the road was absolutely flat, felt like I couldn’t feel the “gliding” feeling I got from the 24".

Today, I switched the cranks to 150mm and went for a ride in town. Pretty much the same. It got a bit better, but it was frustrating mostly.

Clearly, I’m not putting enough weight in the saddle. Which I feel I can do better on the 24" off road. Is that because there’s something less scary about riding on soft soil (and slower) than on tarmac? Or is it the increased rolling resistance off-road helps with the constant pedaling? Maybe a bit of both.

I want to get better at road riding. Any advice? Of course, more saddle time is number one but surely there must be tips and exercices, or things to look out for. I rode more than 500km last year, so it’s not like I don’t ride…

I remembered asking about zigzagging and I found the thread. It’s funny because Nurse Ben talks about spinning the pedals vs pushing them. I feel like I still don’t quite know how to do it. Might rely too much on pedals to do front/back balance.

Thanks for your thoughts.