Learning Journal

Hi y’all!
My hubby (“Habeeb”) is back in town and tried out his new Nimbus II 20" today for the first time. We were gonna ride outside, but it was cold and VERY windy (gusting up to 30mph), so we stuck to the garage. He managed to ride all the way across the garage several times, both on the 20" and on my 24" MUni. He had tried to learn to ride in years past, and today caught back up with his previous abilities. I’m really looking forward to his learning how to ride so we can ride together!

Our 13yo also joined us to give it a whirl and he almost made it across the garage a couple times. It’d be awesome if he learns how to ride too! He’s got some additional motivation because we just bought our godsons (one of whom is one of his good friends) unicycles for their birthdays, and they are very motivated learners. It’ll be fun to see how the boys all compare when we see them next at New Years!

I decided to work on hopping some today when the boys let me have a turn with a uni. I was free mounting into immediate hopping and managed a good run of 10 hops before UPDing. It may not sound like much, but it was a personal best for me!

The funniest guy in the garage today was our 2yo son doing trials on his trike! He was a scream! He wants a uni so badly and insisted on riding my MUni today (with a lot of help from mom!). We can’t wait until he’s actually big enough to fit a tiny uni of his own. He’s a whiz at all things athletic already!

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same weather-wise, so I expect we’ll be in the garage again. Habeeb will probably work on free mounting in addition to riding, UnianaJones (our 13yo) on getting across the garage, and I’ll work on more hopping skills, including transitioning to riding, or that’s the plan anyway.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

Received my new Nimbus x 24" frame on Saturday. Fits the 20" wheel nicely, is very beefy and a real steal at $10. Feels very awkward climbing back on the 20" wheel. Seems like I pedal like mad and get nowhere as compared to the 26". May try my hand at wheelbuilding before the cheapie 20" wheel craps out.
Switched the Duro out for a very light MTN bike tire (IRC trailbear 2.5) I had laying around. Quite nice to ride in the city park and neighborhoods, although I will probably switch back to a dual ply when I hit the woods. The Maxxis Minion 2.7 DH I ordered showed up on Friday - it weighs about a full pound lighter than the Duro.

I built my first wheel a few months ago. It was quite the experience but in the end the result was all that I hoped for.

+1 on getting nowhere fast on a 20"

Getting better at wheelwalking. Have been going at it daily for a bit over a week now and I am finding it more comfortable having my feet off the pedals. whilst before I was just pushing the wheel with my feet until I fell off, now I have some semblance of control and feel stable for a while and maybe seven pushes with my feet before I fall off.

The best way to learn it I found was first to idle with one foot out front, then put the free foot on the wheel when you are at the far end of your forward idle, this puts you in the right position to start pushing the wheel

I actually measured the length from pedal spindle to saddle (very scientific! ;)) but then I decided in my vast wisdom that since I would be riding off road and bumps that I needed xtra space between me and the saddle. Well, that didn’t work out as well as I thought :o. But hey, you gotta try stuff right?

Thanks for checking in with us - you have thrown in some helpful tips here and there so we appreciate it!

Congrats on the wheel walking progress. It seems impossible at this point, but then again so did just about everything 2 months ago. As for learning, it seems like I have had some of both the gradually and all at once. But it seems like my most common pattern is that I think I can do something, then for a while I really struggle with it before it starts to stick.
Where do you buy K-1 unicycles? Is there much difference between them and Nimbus? The muni frames look the same to me, but the freestyle like you are buying looks more like a KH…

May be old inventory but K1’s seem to be on sale a bunch of places. Cheapest is meijer although I just ordered one from makai’s.

Spent 3 hrs. in the garage today on the 20" with the following results:

  • Two foot wheelwalk consistantly to 6 feet with one wild ride of 12 (that was one freaky display). No injuries. Two fresh scratches on scooter.
  • Riding 20 feet while holding seat out front. Next time remember to look up when approaching garage door. No injuries. Two fresh scratches on garage door.
  • Riding backwards 20 feet inconsistantly. No injuries. No scratches.
  • A new appreciation for knee and elbow pads.

Do these have the ISIS hub? Is the rim a 19"? I couldn’t find any specifics on the sites. If they do, that’s a great price.


I find wheel walking vastly harder than idling, riding backwards, or riding SIF. It may be because I learned the latter skills a while ago, but I am still unstable while wheel walking.

Congratulations on your progress!


i am getting better hopping sif and one foot idling and one foot riding. i am getting really mad at not beeing able to git 4 pallets and i need some new trick ideas!

Yes, that’s the hazard of ordering from a non-specialized site. I believe all the models but Free Tricks have ISIS, 19" rim, and 20x2.5" Try-All Sticky tire but don’t quote me on that. You can get an idea of the components from:


But they may not be configured exactly the same way. People in other threads have confirmed the rim colors match the photos on the sites selling them (and not the colors you see at http://www.koxx-one.com/). I ordered an Alien Backflip specifically to get the street cranks and can discern them from the photos on the site I ordered from. I’ve already purchased 3 Nimbus unicycles and wanted to try something else for a change.

I find one footed wheel walking vastly harder than regular wheel walking!

First real MUni ride

Nice job TS - very inspiring! Love the comment on the safety gear:) I told Iris that she needs to wear hers so she can try hard without fear of injury.

So, I headed out for my first real trail ride today. It was just on a gravel/dirt road that runs along a canal. Total ride was 5 miles with 4 of it on the dirt. surface was very soft with lots of of mud and water puddles.

Key Learnings:

  1. I only thought I was in good shape - this kind of riding redifines things a bit! If I keep this up I will really get strong :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. It is necessary to lean forward significantly more than when riding on a hard surface.
  3. More forward lean turned out to help with the torso twist
  4. When you get really tired go ahead and jump off and talk a walk break - you deserve it! (had to do this many times)

I had numerous UPD’s but only one worthy of mention. I decided to ride through what appeared to be a particularly deep puddle. I was not wrong. It had an abrupt ramp up on the far edge so I went flying. Gotta love wrist guards and gloves :smiley:

First real Snow ride

After a three successful attempts across the 4" deep snow on our lawn for about 45 feet I decided to go try to ride on the snow covered dirt running track at the Junior High. On the way there the well trodden sidewalk proved to be too much after about 100 yards - too bumpy and slick for me!

At the track there was no easy way onto it from the pavement so I found a place where I could put the tire against a concrete curb to get started. After 5-6 tries I was finally rolling and was able to keep it up for about 200 yards before fatigue and an unseen bump conspired to bring me off the front. But I was way pumped! The snow was only about 2" deep, but it was wet and heavy with a slight crust on the surface. My squiggly line was straighter than I thought it would be :D. My squiggly yesterday in the mud was pretty severe at times, looking like a bunch of w’s strung together :). But the snow was overall more difficult than the gravel/muddy road.

Free mounting on the sidewalk in fresh, untrodden snow was challenging but I had a couple that were successful. It is critical to get a clean mount that requires little to no twisting, just a nice smooth forward ride out of the mount. Which of course is what you want every time anyway ;). Free mounting on the heavily trodden sidewalk was just plain impossible. Far too slippery and bumpy.

Had one bad upd, like yesterday on the trail, where I came off the front pretty hard and the first thing to contact the ground was my right hand. Both times I had my elbow too straight and got a slight hyper extension. It is a little sore having done it two days in a row. Wonder how I can keep my arm bent a little? (rhetorical question) Wish you could control everything better in a crash!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Snow riding pushed my courage up a notch - as with most other challenging ‘firsts’ on a unicycle. I have never been particularly daring or a risk-taker. Strange how determined I am with this whole uni-thing…

I’ve been having trouble riding off road on the 26" with the lighter tire. I figured that the single-ply tire needed higher pressure to avoid pinch-flats. Then I realized I was sacrificing ride for weight. So I switched back to the Duro at 18lbs pressure and man, what a difference! It really smoothed out the bumps that were throwing me off.
The park I ride in has a pit about half the size of a basketball court, full of broken dirt, edged by a double stack of 6" timbers. Today I finally nailed hopping out of the pit! I also have fun hopping up one side of a pile of dirt (about 2 feet high on the down side) and back down the other side, trying to land my tire on the peaks and flat areas. Hitting the edge at speed and jumping down into the pit is also exhilerating. I’m getting better at holding onto the seat to keep from bouncing around too much and losing control.
On the way back into my driveway, I decided for shits-and-giggles to try hopping off the wall (about 16") and landed it on the second attempt. Today is what I call an “Epic” day.
I would suggest mastering hopping for anyone not doing so now. It has saved me from numerous UPDs and when you can stop and hop with control, it gives you time to rest and to plan your next move. Also, I was surprised how much control I developed in a short time as far as where I land my tire.

New to the boards

Habeeb here. I am Jamberry’s sweetie. I am a “retread” to unis at 42 y.o. I first tried unis when Jamberry and I were dating ~17 years ago. The extent of my “riding” was getting up holding on to the mailbox and going about 30 feet. Once Jambery and I got married, unis sort of fell by the wayside (marriage, kids, job, moving, etc.) When she started back recently to help get back into shape, I started up again also. Shortly after purchasing her Nimbus 24" Muni (which I tried and could get up on), we bought a Nimbus II 20" for me. :sunglasses:
Well, with a little bit of practice, I am well past where I left off 17 years ago and I’m picking up speed (so to speak). I started off the session today with just mounting holding onto the car in the driveway and riding out to the cul-de-sac. I made it all the way to the middle of the street. Having gotten that far (and not wanting to go all the way back to the car) I decided it was time to try free mount. After MANY unsuccessful attempts, I finally got up and rode about 50 yards out to the main road (and then LOST it). Again, not wanting to WALK all the way back, I EVENTUALLY free mounted again and rode all the way back to the driveway. :astonished: Luckily, Jamberry was looking out the window at that time to witness the miracle and did not have to take my word for it. :smiley:
I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.


Welcome Habeeb, to the Old Dog group :sunglasses: (though young dogs are also welcome, and frequently stop in to add some help). Sounds like you are making fast progress - much faster than I did. But I am up and rolling, and that is all that matters. ‘Old’ only gets in the way if you let it :smiley: and most of us are pretty stubborn about not letting it.

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all the learners and to the Old Dog Group from one of the old dogs.

Hi all!

I am a beginner to (and yes, I am still 50 yo :slight_smile: ) But I adore reading this thread which I am following since several weeks (month).
Thank you all for your encouraging stories and tips. They are helping me a lot.

So merry Xmas from me too !
Here in the southern of germany, we have a lot of snow for the moment and it is still snowing “like hell”

And if I was a good guy, I will get a new 26" Muni for this Xmas :slight_smile:

Best whishes to you all and keep on cycling


Serious hopping practice

Hello everyone. It has been a few days, so I have a couple interesting (to me at least ;)) stories. First, a welcome to our newest friend from Germany, muck22. Sounds like you will fit right in the rest of us old dogs trying to learn this crazy sport :roll_eyes: . I just noticed something funny. You said “50 yo” but the “yo” could be interpreted as “young one” instead of “years old”. So, you ARE a 50 young one! Cool.

For Christmas I gave my 20" Torker learner to my nephew. By the time our first hour of training together was done he had ridden 25 feet unsupported. Crazy fast learning. No fair either!! Later that day he kept riding at home and I just heard from him today that he actually went a long way down the street that afternoon, like past 5-6 houses. At this rate it won’t take him long to surpass me. Ah, to be so young again. But I am really excited because soon I will have a riding partner that will give me some great challenges and I think we will be able to really progress together, pushing each other.

Today at work Scot and I spent quite a while working on hopping. I have only tried to hop a few times and this was the most serious, and long, training session I have done. It was really fun to catch the feel for it today. I was on my 24" Avenir cruiser, but I think I was doing about as well as I would have on the 20". We took a small folding table, folded up, and put it on the floor. It was 2.5" high. I had several nice hops up, both from the side and straight on, then rode off. I took a little plastic cup and laid it on its side and cleared it twice. The mouth of the cup measure just over 3.5 inches. These do not sound very high to anyone who can “really” hop, but for me it was pretty cool. The best was a particular hop up onto the table straight-on that covered quite a bit of distance horizontally. Scot was talking about it for quite a while, so I guess it looked pretty cool.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off to go skiing. I am tempted to take the Muni up and ride it around in the parking lot at Snowbird resort. If I do I will let you know how it went.

Happy pedaling, skiing, or whatever else ya’ll are doing this week :smiley:

Are they hiring at your company? :smiley:

Just want to report a tiny bit of progress. I got a Torker 24" last week. I don’t have any large indoor space to practice, and there’s LOTS of snow everywhere.

I tried riding on the snow outside, and it’s very difficult. I put 2 old doors in a row on the ground, and got to the point of being able to ride, occasionally, the length of the 2 doors.

I also found some youtube videos that talk about the value of practicing idling, so I’ve been doing that inside. Seems to help a bit.

Anyway, total beginner, but optimistic.


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