Learning Backwards?

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for all the tips I got on my last post. I am starting to feel right at home! Anyways, I was wondering… is it weird that I can freemount but I can’t ride further then 5 feet at a time? I am beginning to think that I am learning this all backwards…Or maybe I am just crazy (that would explain a lot)!

Krissy :roll_eyes:

That’s pretty funny. I’ve never heard of anyone who learned that way.


I learnt to ride without any support, freemounting every time (or trying to, at least). It just means you’re learning two things at once, which can’t be bad. Just remember to keep your learning sessions short and enjoyable. It’s harder to learn stuff when you get frustrated and annoyed. The dent in my frame from when I chucked my unicycle violently against a wall last bears testimony to this fact.

Good luck!

Well, the fact that you can freemount at least means that you have a go-for-it spirit to begin with. Good start.

On the down side, your freemounts probably make your start a little wobbly, unbalanced and unpredictable, which usually makes the trick that follows more difficult to learn.

Try riding while using a wall for balance. Five feet is close to being not enough to really learn anything except how to dismount. You really need to be going about 10-15 feet along a wall, with minimal or no contact, before wasting your time venturing into the open. If you go along a wall, and feel you are balanced, try to veer off, away from the wall. Just remember you are looking for a glimse of what it feels like to balance from pedal stroke to pedal stroke. You can get a lot of this along a wall, and if you do one rev (5 feet on a 20") and a tiny touch of the wall allows you to go one more, that is good. Try to pause on each 1/2 rev or full rev with the pedals horizontal. Slowly remove the pauses, or make them shorter, and you will be riding.

I learned backwards too. I started at level 10 and i’m worknig my way back. Almost on level one.


you can’t?

its unfortunate that you can’t officialy get recognised since you have to pass level 1 before you can pass level 2, etc. its just not fair on people who learn to coast before they can ride.