Learnig idle and one foot riding - need advice

Trying to learn idling and one foot riding for couple months already. Can do 3-4 rocks of idling and 3-5 rotations one footed.
Recently I realized that I do idling with my left leg down and one foot riding with my right foot on the pedal… Is this wrong and one leg must be used for both?

My “back” leg is left. Riding with holding left hand (right hand no problems thou), side hopping better to the right while holding with left hand (that is Ok I think).

I just can’t get more rocks and rotations… and this is disappointing me. A lot. :frowning:

I do the same. Well, I idle with either foot (poorly) and can one foot with my right much better than my left. Left foot is my ‘back’ foot whenever I hop or anything.

I can do more than 15 revs of one foot on my right most of the time, and a lot less on my left.

I can get a few rocks idling no matter which foot is down. I think I am a bit better left foot down.

Don’t worry about doing it that way, I can idle reasonably well with my left foot down, but I’m better at riding one footed with my right foot.

I don’t think it matters too much. I’m left foot forward for hopping, for one footed riding I’m pretty much right-foot-only.

I think it’s a lot easier to learn with your free foot waving around for balance, and not resting on the fork crown, but that might just be me (and also the fact that the crown on my 24" is high enough that it’s not super easy for me to get the free foot up there anyway).

I am ok with one foot idle and riding with both feet and all I got to Dat is weight in the seat and practice

Thanks a lot!

One more point to notice: during idle I do rocks more with “up foot” but trying to do it with “low one”. It is like I’m holding uni and rocking with pedal which is in upper position.
Is meaning of freely idling is using only one foot pushing on the pedal?