Learner Uni on ebay

I want to get in to uniing and saw this on e-bay. I want to get in to trials and street I think and thought this might be better than a lx to try very light street and very light trials. I am about 5’ and weigh around 90-100.


I am not familiar with the JCP brand. For $109 it might be okay. However, I would not get a unicycle with a quick release seatpost clamp for trials riding. The quick release clamps are really hard to keep tight.

Notice the seller is brand new and has zero feedback points.

Personally I would go with either a club freestyle or the tested and true Torker LX for that price.

If you do end up getting it let us know how it goes. JCP is supposedly a brand new company and nobody here have bought a unicycle from them yet. They had a few other models on e-bay that did not sell.

That unicycle used to be listed as having a 20X3" tire and after I asked them about it they changed the description which is a good sign, although it would have been better if the description was accurate to start with.

I’ll second this. Im not a great unicyclist (yet… :stuck_out_tongue: ) and dont do much trial stuff but ive been learning to ride with the seat out and the seat just twists in my hands. It gets pretty annoying.

club and torker

Both the club and torker have quick relese calmps so that wouldn’t be an upgrade over this one. If I do get this could I put a diferent seat clamp on it later? Also I will right a review on it if i get it.
Thanks for the replys…

I can’t really tell from the picture but that looks like one of those collar and skewer kind of clamps. You could remove the quick release skewer and replace it with a bolt and voila a single bolt seat clamp.

Seat post clamps are cheap, if you can’t just replace the quick release part you should be able to get a new one at a bike shop. I suggest a shop that either deals a lot with with BMXs or fixes older bikes as they tend to have smaller seat posts.

hmmm…I’ve never had problems with my quick release.

Quick release should work just fine, if not just put a bolt and nut on the existing clamp.
That should not be an issue

Someones gotta be the first to buy one, and Im sure you could waste $120 on something worse so go for it and take pics and write a review

Edit: Didnt see saskatchewanian’s post about the same, my bad.

Yeah, the picks look ok, and the tire is 2. ?

It does look like a sorta fat tire, a real plus at this price point. Maybe email them and ask for some specs. Or invite them to the forum ! If it really is the best uni for 109 $, this is a good place to start advertising.


So I can fix or get a new seat clamp if the QR dosen’t work for trials. I think I just might get it.

It looks like a lot of unicycle for $109, it’s just an unknown new brand. We need someone to buy one and let us know about it!

sinister voice Who shall be our guinea pig?

I think I’m the guinea pig. :stuck_out_tongue: