Learner reports uni cures Flu!

Well it was day 13 of owning my uni yesterday but the sad thing was
that I was down with a horrible case of the flu. A few days ago I
practiced doing ‘back and forths’ on the local tennis course and I was
so stoked at being able to free ride and length and width of the
courts. But then the aches and cough and sore throat started… yuck.
Two days ago I just couldn’t accept that I had the flu and first thing
in the morning jumped on the one wheel and did laps of my underground
parkade before being forced to stop by a bad case of fever! Yikes.
So it was on the couch for the day with only Kris Holm’s video to keep
me uni’ed.
Yesterday was a bad one… couch all day. Sleep, drink fluids, eat a
little snack and just hit the pillow for some more zzzzzzz’s. What a
waste of time when the fine Semcycle was only inches away parked, as I
sure everyone’s uni is, underneath the kitchen counter. (Sometimes it
is really handy to live in an open concept loft space… concrete
floors, high ceilings and lots of space for toys.)
By evening, with my head throbbing and the slightest exertion
resulting a breakout in sweat, I headed out the door basically just to
help a friend with her uni practice. But what the heck, I took my uni
along just in case…

Of course I could not resist having a few goes at laps around the
elementary school yard in which we were practicing. Wow, what a great
feeling. I could do turns around the playground equipment, go the
whole length of the school (about 2/3’s of a block) and easily ride
over bumps and dips in the paved yard! Was I thrilled. And by the
end of the evening I felt better than I had in two days! Go figure.
I wasn’t really quite over the flu but my head had cleared, I had some
energy again and the fever seemed to be gone. I know it is probably
not the greatest medical advice to go uni when you’ve got the flu and
I was hoping I wasn’t being a bigger fool than usual doing so but it
sure made a lot of difference.
Oh yeah, to cap it all off, I came home and decided to book a
campground near the UNICON site and head down there for a couple of
days just to watch and be inspired. Newbie or not, I LOVE uni’s!


Re: Learner reports uni cures Flu!


Some progress you’re a make’n! Downtime is sometimes good for relaxing
the muscles and craving the one wheel ride even more. A yes our friend
the Mr. One Wheel, is there anything he can’t do for us?

Did you give your Semsyscle a name yet? My daughter and I call our Unis,
‘tail torquer’ and ‘nut buster’. I’m going to take nut buster out on the
road in just a few minutes. Yazookies!


Re: Learner reports uni cures Flu!

Yup, the uni’s name is “Georgie” - named after the UK gal in the
Seattle hostel dorm that, on seeing the uni the first day I owned it,
displayed great humour, enthusiasm and encouragement at my goal to
become a uni rider.