learner best 20/24?

what is best to start learning on a 20" or a 24"?

i’m gonna order the KH 24" for myself later this week, but someone was asking and i wasn’t sure, gonna get em to buy a cheap starter one that they can batter around.

i’ve always taught ppl to ride on my 20". i always thought of them as the easier size to learn on. if they are interested in doing muni they should get the 24" anyways, because they will grow into it. but i think it would be slightly harder to learn on.

Don’t let anyone buy a good unicycle for their first one. You should get something cheap and semi-disposable that you won’t cry over WHEN you break it-- because you WILL break it.

I also favour 20" for learning. Not as fast, but easier to turn with and toss around.

well i found when learning if your tall a 24 but if you are short go for a 20 …my friend struggled learning on my 24…but when he got his own 20 he was zippin around and on lsd

im really little and learned on a 24" shcwinn uni and I liked learning on the 24" because when I switched to a 20" everything was way easier.


I think genreally if you’re over 6 foot then 24", shorter than that and go for a 20". Having said that i’m 6’ and i learnt on a 20" fine. The 20" is also favourable if you’re learning indoors as it moves slower so you can get more turns of the wheel in the same space.

20" torker cx is the best to learn on

Re: learner best 20/24?

On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 13:22:41 -0500, zippy wrote:

>what is best to start learning on a 20" or a 24"?

Research has shown that on average, 20" is faster to learn riding on.
See http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/agelearn_short.htm . The likely
reason is that control is somewhat easier on a 20", compared to a 24".

It is easiest to learn on a 20", but it’s not significantly easier than on a 24". How big you are doesn’t really matter that much, unless you’re under 4’ tall or something; whether you should get a 20" or 24" really depends on what you plan to do with your unicycling. If you’re interested in getting into trials or performance, a 20" is probably a better choice. If you’re interested in being able to ride around town (or any kind of distance), or if you want to get into MUni, a 24" is better.

My default recommendation for learners is a 24" Torker LX. The LX is well worth the extra $20 over the CX; it is better all-around and will last you a good long while. A 24" is more versatile than a 20".

i think for just getting up and going a 20 is easier for almost everyone. however, because one of the best ways to get more solid is to simply ride for a good amount of time, using (or switching to) a 24 will allow you to actually cover some ground, so riding to class at college is fairly easy(a standard piece of advice with the club at isu) or just around the block is more fun/less boring than on a 20.

i learned on a 24" Dx. i didnt have any problems with that. A lot of people will say not to learn on a muni cuase of the weight issue and the big tire but i dont think its that big of a problem