Learned To Unicycle After 30 Years!

Raymond Aaron <aaron@name.net> writes:
> After months of frustration, I dejectedly retired the unrode unicycle to the
> garage and forgot about it for the Winter. Then, in the Spring, I dreamt one
> night that I was riding my unicycle! I immediately got up, brought my unicycle
> out from the garage and tried to ride it.

dreams are where its at… I get dreams when I’m frustrated about some
physical task I’m trying to do, when it works in the dream, then I know I’m
nearly there…

apparently I thrash about a bit in the night too :slight_smile:

> I could not but I was definitely better than in the Fall. Two days later it
> happened! I rode it. All by myself. I was in control. I had achieved my
> lifelong dream. I was riding a unicycle!

Ra! Ra! Ra!

]ain (does a wheelie in celebration)