Learned to SIF today

I read some tips on here and today I finally rode SIF for almost the length of a tennis court (well over half way anyways) I did it many times but my legs are not strong enough yet to keep going :sunglasses:

i find it helps if you put pressure on the seat with your hand but keep it close to you

hold it very close to your body whilst learning. Seat out tricks (and seat drags for that matter) are all about riding with even pressure on both pedals (im sure youve picked this up by now).

Start working on using less and less grip on the seat, and start to hold it out farther away from you, once you get it down having it up close.

when i try to ride sif the unicycle starts swaying side to side and i fall off, i need to work on that even pressure thing a lot more

once you get good at it take the seat clamp off so the seat isnt actually attached to the thingyand it becomes a lot harder to ride, though its fun to do.

if you drop the seat through the tube it’ll hit your tyre and will stop you dead. that would be interesting to watch

thats y it is fun and challenging to do. if it hits the tire it kinda just scraps there and you UPD, nothing speacial.

Not all frames let the post go through it.

Now, besides doing SIF, try doing SIB, seat in back, its not as hard as you think.

yeah i found sib easier than sif in the beginning. i just kind of sit a little on the very front of the seat to learn