Learned my lesson today

OK, its not as bad as Kris’ injury…hope you get better soon…but i did injure myself today. I was out riding my coker, and had an empty road ahead of me.
Yep, you guessed it. Physics caught up to me at around 16.3 mph. I scraped both of my palms, the two outside fingers on both hands at the knuckles on the inside, and my right knee doesn’t have much skin on it anymore.

I landed chest first, and skid about 50ft to a stop. My calf decided to cramp up on me, and I was dizzy for about 5 mins with the want to vomit. I sat down for a few to catch my breath and calm down, and hobbled back to my apartment with my tail between my legs, defeated this time.

If any of you new cokers out there want to try a land speed record, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have experience. 4 months isn’t enough time in the saddle to do something as stupid as I just did. I was lucky I was close to home when I did this.

I probably won’t ride for a few weeks as I will wait till me knee is better. Video gaming will be difficult as well, but that pain I will pursist thru. :smiley:

Hope you get better soon mate.

hope you recover soon. What’s Kris’s injury, I haven’t heard?

you can find it here


yeah… sorry, i just read it

On the bright side, you didn’t break your wrists or arms.

I think all of us coker riders have taken at least one really bad dive off the front. I know I have :slight_smile:

Don’t let a fall break you stride though. Hope your video gaming capabilities aren’t too compromised.

Full finger gloves will protect your fingertips as well as palms. I always wear full finger gloves when I Coker, just in case.

I also wear inline skating kneepads for group rides and rides when I think I may push it a little too hard. The trick is to find kneepads that don’t restrict your pedaling movement. You want kneepads designed for people who skate for speed and exercise rather than aggressive skating.

Any you can recommend?

a good thing I don’t have the need for speed. I rather enjoy in a slow pace

Not me, the more i learn and stack it. The better i become as i too have bruises and scars to prove it. Cause i remember the 1st time i was cokering and at some point a footpath pothole was the result of my fall and there were scrapes across my whole arm that it teared the skin and…well you get the idea. :smiley:

Hope you get better soon my friend. :smiley:

None that are in current production. My current kneepads are going to need to be replaced soon because they are loosing their fit due to use. I don’t know what I’ll get to replace them. Best bet is to look at a skating shop that caters to speed skaters. You just need a kneepad that is minimalist in terms of size and design. The purpose is to keep your knee from getting scraped up while still allowing freedom of movement.

Funny thing is, I have 661 leg armor and KH gloves. I just didn’t wear them. The initial plan was just to have a nice ride, but stupidity got the better of me this time and it won. I will start wearing the padding now, and probably won’t forget it anytime soon. Had I worn them this time, all of this could’ve been avoided and my nights, sleeping like a baby, not like a burn victim. I do have pics if anyone wants to see them, but they are a bit graphic, especially my leg.

On a brighter note, though, I did manage to do my first curb hop. I was quite proud when I hopped off and rode away. And yes, this was before my accident.

why do unicyclist have to get hurt? :frowning:

661 leg armour isn’t going to work well for a high speed superman UPD on blacktop. Kneepads with a fabric covering will stick to the blacktop instead of sliding. The kneepads will get pulled down off your knee as you’re sliding and expose your knee to getting scraped up.

You want a kneepad with a plastic outer shell that can slide on blacktop.

Sorry about the injury but glad you put the “4 months experience” on it. I just got a 36" nimbus 5 days ago and already have road rash. I was only going 11 mph probably. I have only logged 20 miles on it but I am still shakey. I am wondering when the comfort level will increase. I have a 21 mile ride I want to try on 16 sept. I do not know if I am up to it. THere is a little bit of busy road involved and I am not too enthused about it.

That injury sounds painful and you’re still in it for a while on a slow heal. But think about it this way. I have been thinking about getting a “Coker” for a very long time. No doubt, I would at some time try to go for a top end on it. Due to your injury, though, I will think twice about doing something like that, without proper protection, at the very least.

You learned something, and anyone reading this thread has can learn something. jThat’s a very good thing.

Thanks for teaching us something, and I wish you a recovery with as little pain and discomfort as possible.


I hate reading the “high speed road rash” threads, they make me sad, luckily I have yet to have a “high speed bail” I can’t run out of on my coker Thank goodness for being a fast sprinter, I’ve been searching for a nice pair of knee pads for a while though, and I’ve yet to find some I hope I find some before I have “the crash” where I actually get seriously hurt.

Thanks for the words. Three days later, the wounds are starting to scab over. Its still a bit painful to walk, but I will persist. I have new found respect for teh Coker, and for those who push the limit. I won’t be for a long time. I now have demons when I look at my coker, but I know I will have to conquer those demons eventually.

It was a lesson indeed. In fact, when i started to speed up, I told myself not to go faster than I can run. I pushed those thoughts aside and kept going. Had I listen, I would still be riding today. I’m not giving up riding the uni, but that coker will be getting some dust before I can find the courage to get back on it.