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Hi, I have been very happy with the user group. I live in long Island New York,
Do you know anyone that can teach how to ride a unicycle that lives in this
area. I also need to know if there is a place around Long Island that can sell
me a Unicycle.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Docnucs get body armour, ie wrist protectors, elbow and knee pads, i think a
helmet is slightly too much unless you are >really< clumsy and go for it, and as
Arnold says leave idling till later and just aim to ride forwards at first. The
body armor tends to foster confidence as you become less afraid to fall. If you
can learn in a sports hall or gym that helps a lot as it gives a smooth and
somehow easier surface to fall on :-), if you are riding forwards dismounts tend
to be of the running type where you step forward off the uni and the uni goes
flying. i learnt to ride at about 42 and the bruises do go away <grin>

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>Hi all, I still am afraid to ride. I tried last summer along side a fence and
>fell a few times, once I almost really got hurt. Now I am in my mid 40’s and
>getting more afraid to try again. Have a Miata uni and it is waiting to be
>used. What can I do? Thanks to all who might be able to help.

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both my sisters leant right foreward on the uni, when I let them try it, and
kinda squated on it because they were afraid of falling off. This ended in them
falling off and not being able to stay on their feet. Sitting upright in the
“correct” position allows easier exits from falls.


(This isn’t aimed at you arnold. I deleted the other messages in this thread by
accident <sg>)

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I learned to ride using the cube walls at work. When sitting on the uni they
were at the perfect height to hold onto with both hands. Crossing gaps in the
walls helped me progress until I could ride away from them and keep going.

As I recall it took about 2-3 weeks until I could ride decently without support.
Fortunately it was easy to pick up the uni and practice every so often for a
break while I was working late (crashes were somewhat disruptive, so I tried to
avoid daring attempts during the day). I made a big push practicing riding away
from the walls and falling for a few hours each night over 2-3 days until my
brain got enough of the feel of it to figure out how to keep going.

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Clifford Elmore wrote in message <199908310219_MC2-82FF-E88D@compuserve.com>…
>(This isn’t aimed at you arnold. I deleted the other messages in this thread by
>accident <sg>)

Dunno what you mean. Advice is advice, and I need plenty. I’d far rather land
with my feet in a turd (or on a slug, Sarah) than my hands.

Arnold the Aardvark