leap of faith

yeah… i was riding my new trials around my neighborhood when i saw an electrical box… you know… the big ones. yeah well, if you know me, youll know what i can an cant resist. the landing was at an angle in soft dirt… if you know what i mean, thats a hard landing. I picked up my uni and set it on top. than i mounted and hopped up to the edge and looked down. (this is my highest so far) I looked at the people stopped at a traffic light looking at me in amazement. i thought to myselfi cant let these people down than i did it. i leaped off. and what seemed to be about 10 seconds really lasted about 2. than i laded with a puff of dust as i hit the pile of pwder dirt… when the dust cleared… i looked at the people staring in utter amazement. than i simply rode away…

The electrical boxes around here are like two feet… Can you give us an estament?

Any, good goin’.

I’m confused as to what you jumped off of…any pics would be helpful.

sweet, i would be afraid just to get on one of those i’m always afraid they will break or something.

those big green plastic things next to telephone poles, right? Yeah thats pretty cool, good job man

niiice, thats pretty sweet. there’s two huge electrical boxes here I want to gap between, they’re each about ten feet high but the gap is only like three feet over and two feet down. so it’d be sooper easy to land, just SCARY.

ok it looks like this:
no its not one of the green boxes next to the poles. its a big metal box that bounces really good. like a trampoline. its kinds cool but kinda freaky because its hard to control yourself lol

box.bmp (359 KB)

Good job, but why? Gigantic drops to flat just srike me as easy ways to break equipment and yourself.

its just fun and their isnt very many fun things to ride on where i live…

was it one of these?

they look cool…

we have those near every building in town. i can’t wait to get my real trials uni so i can practice real drops without getting something broken.

That’s really cool.

Two seconds is a very long drop.
64 feet, in fact.
In case anyone cares, the equation is:
feet = seconds^2 * 16

If it was a 6-foot drop, then
Seconds = Squareroot(feet/16)
0.6 seconds.

Always feels a lot longer, though, doesn’t it?

If he jumped upward, that could get him at least an additional .4, for a full second in the air! :slight_smile:

Which is a lot.

But, then his initial V is not 0.
after an upward hop of .4 seconds in the air before returning to the initial starting height, you are traveling downward much faster than if you’d just dropped in freefall–you’d travel the remaining distance in about .4 seconds, so your total time in the air would still be only 0.8 seconds.

no they dont…

yes… thats it

Your forgetting that when you jump up, there is a point at the top of your jump where you are not traveling up or down, ie, you are stationary.

No, I calculated that too.
I’m just not using that point as Vi
I did two calculations: one with a positive Vi (the upward hop) and then returning back to the initial starting height, and then another one with the same Vi but negative (traveling downward from the initial height.)

oh, well, they do in my opinion…some people think its fun to look at bugs, some people don’t. same exact thing.