Leaning to one side from new tire?

I just replaced my Torker lx 26" stock tire with a knobbier MTB tire, I think my road handling has gone down a little bit but not too bad…on to the real problem.

 I replaced the tire since the stock one slides around in loose dirt and leaves (and sticks and gravel and everything else sharp and pointy) and the new tire has definitely helped get some more grip in the dirt, yet I was riding my favorite trail today and it seemed like my Uni was leaning like the tower of Pisa andmy body was leaning way over too the left, anyone else have a problem like this? 

 The trail has a very slight slant to it in most parts but it seemed to occur on the flat and straights as well, any way I can correct this in the future?

I have the same-sounding problem. It comes and goes, but when it’s happening, it does so on all my unis so the problem is with me. I think sometimes my body gets out of balance, or maybe I have a strained muscle in my leg and I’m subconsciously applying more power to one side. It’s very frustrating and I’m subscribing to this thread in the hopes that you find a solution to your problem, it might help me too.

Squarer profile tires tend to want to climb up slops/make you turn uphill more than rounder tires.

If you went form a really round road tire to a square offroad tire you might be experiencing this.

After a while it becomes second nature to compensate for the tire wanting to turn uphill and you don’t notice it anymore.