Leaking Brake on Oregon

Ahoy! Apologies if this has been discussed, but couldn’t find a thread…

So I’ve had an Oregon with the Tektro Auriga for about a year, and it looks like I’m leaking oil up by the brake lever (that’s where the reservoir is? Maybe? I don’t know?) I went for a ride yesterday and discovered I had virtually zero braking power, even pulling back 100%. When I put her away, I could actually see oil being squeezing out from between parts in the brake assembly under the saddle if I worked the brake. As far as I can tell there’s no leaking by the calipers, it’s all up by the saddle.

I had ridden about 3 weeks ago with no issues, but I think what happened was the uni got knocked over in the shed, and either the fluid leaked out because it was in a downward position, or the brake lever got caught and was partially engaged… I can see an oil stain on the floor beneath where the saddle had been…

So is this something common? Do I need to replace seals? Can I just refill it as needed? Or should I just go back to running longer cranks so I don’t need no stinking brakes?

I’ve never worked on that brake, but based on the brakes I have worked on it sounds like you will need to rebuild your lever. It may also be that the hose have lost its seal to the lever, and you’re losing fluid at that junction. If you can see fluid coming from the lever piston then that’s the culprit.

I guess it could be a loose reservoir screw, in which case bleeding the brake will fix it. If your brake has a small o-ring on the bleed screw it should probably be replaced to ensure a good seal.

It’s really hard to trouble shoot without having it in front of me. Maybe a few pictures could help.

Thanks, I’m going to get the service kit and try refilling it. Even if it still leaks a bit until I figure out how to seal it up, it’s better than the total lack of stopping power I have now :wink:

in my experience there is no such thing as a slow leak in hydraulic brakes. There just isn’t very much fluid in there. Fluid gets out, air gets in, and it will feel spongy right away, and pretty soon you have no brakes again. Luckily it’s not hard to replace the seals, and bleed most brakes.

I’ve got a lot of experience servicing Auriga’s and hate them. If you can, upgrade to a shimano system, even a super cheap one. They are soooo much easier to work on.

I had an Auriga that was hemorrhaging oil where the cable connects into the lever. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so took it to my LBS. They had basically the same reaction as midgetmiles and talked me into upgrading. I went with a Hayes Prime Comp and it’s been issue free. If it keeps giving you problems you might look into a replacement rather than dumping money into fixes.

If you’re going to switch brakes Shimano’s are pretty foolproof. Probably the easiest to bleed.

Hmmm…Considering the cost of the Auriga, I think I’ll get the service kit for the short term and start saving up for a better brake… Curses! Part of me wishes I were still on my 24" with 165mm cranks… That’s a beast that needs no brake :wink: