Leaf Unicycling

Like fire unicycling but a whole lot safer.

Hawk Nelson-We’re Alright

Nice! Looked fun.

haha I actually really like this video! :slight_smile:

Nice! Cool idea.

You must have had a pretty bad bail doing flatland once eah? You aaaaaaalways have your helmet on.

Thanks guys!

Nope, I’ve always worn a helmet while riding since I started. I did however hit my head off a 1.5" screw once and don’t like to think about what would’ve happened had I not been wearing my helmet.

Loved the idea man!
I have slipped and ate it hard on leaves before. They look so innocent and then they take you down :angry:

Nice video & great idea.

Now get back to work & finish raking up those leaves young man. :smiley:

Cool idea! Innovative. Love it!

nice idea, looks also really nice

Looks so fun. Like the song too. Great riding

Thanks everyone!

Leaves definitely aren’t as friendly as they look, especially if they are wet.

Yes, sir!

Sick vid!

cool :slight_smile:
looks fun ^^

Nice video, thanks for sharing unihopper.



Thanks guys!