Leadville, CO area MUni?

For all you Colorado area MUni riders. Any tips for MUni epics in the Leadville, Colorado vicinity? I’m going to be in the area next weekend and would like to get in up to a 20 mile trail/4x4 ride. I’ll be packing my KH24. I was thinking about a MUni descent of Mt. Elbert (weather permitting) but may settle for exploring the Colorado Trail out of the Halfmoon campground. Company is welcome, otherwise any other ride/route suggestions are always welcome. :sunglasses:

What none of you Colorado MUni riders have any trail suggestions? :wink: Anyhow I’ll be making my Mt. Elbert attempt this Friday if anybody is interested in joining me PM me. I’ll post some photos when I get back…

I haven’t ridden much in that area so I don’t have much in the way of suggesting a trail.

Lots of jeep roads around there though through old mines.

I’'d love to join you on Fri…Not sure yet if I can…
I’ll PM you.

If I weren’t going off to college this friday, I’d love to join you in a ride. I haven’t ever been up there to ride though so I can’t give any suggestions. Maybe try singletracks.com, they have some good trail suggestions in the area

Even though you will only be 15 minutes away, by air, 1 hour by car, I do not know the area at all. I know the CT is close? I think there are at least 2 LBS there, go visit them. Busy week for me, can’t make the ride Friday. Lance won the 100 mile bike race last Saturday, no suprises there.

Thanks guys. I was following the Leadville bike (sort of) as I had some friends from my hometown racing there. They were indeed humbled by riding in REAL mountains! :slight_smile: I’m probably going to make a Mt. Elbert MUni descent attempt from Twin Lakes. From what I’ve researched it is very rideable (several mountain biking reports). If nothing else I’d love to do Mt. Elbert from the Twin Lakes side as I’ve never been up that way before; if I get to ride some great, otherwise I’ll just get a good workout carrying my uni up and back! ha! :wink: I’ll post some picts when I get back…

Alright! I’m just back from Leadville, CO. On Friday, August 21st 2009 I climbed up the Mt. Elbert East Ridge trail and did a unicycle descent of the second tallest mountain in the lower 48 (14,433 feet)! If anybody cares to read about my trip I posted my report on 14ers.com.

I had a total blast, BTW this route is totally rideable, right from the summit itself!