Le Tour De N.U.T.S. Stage 3

Sheffield is the general consensus.

It seems The last weekend, the 31st would be best so as not to collide with Snowdon and Milton Keynes yes/no?

Are there any plans for Muni or more trials on the Sunday?

These meets have shaped up to be totally excellent so far. I’d reccommend anyone who’s thought about coming but not managed to make it to one yet to stop pansying about and come experience the noix de vie.

I think sheffield is just going to be too far, i am really up for S.L.U.T.S and I want there to be one at the Stoke Street Plaza, thats fairly north. enjoy the ride though, i will come one day!

Keep it to yourself thankyou very much.

Family forum et al.

But seriously folks…

Stoke in May is a definite possibility, I think we’re having a break in April for BUC.

ha ha ha legendary, funniest reply

Owww, I dont think I will be able to make this one, due to money!!!




that’s a real shame you two can’t make it Edd!!
atleast we’ll see you both at MK :slight_smile:

what is the plan for nuts 3?
is it happening on the 31st?
where will we be meeting?
who’s going to be coming?
i know it’s still a while away, but i can’t wait!! :wink:

see you all soon.


Edd i’ll provide the money, all you need is the time and energy (and be willing to drive to Sheffield) oooh an you’ll probably need permision from jo too :roll_eyes: .

How far is sheffield?


Dont be cheeky!

About halfway to Newcastle!

I dont know, coz there are so many uni things planned. I just want to have a rest for a weekend!


Aah, gwan. Yer know you want to.

If you wanted to break the drive up a bit you could come up on the Friday and stay at mine the night before.

I’ll leave it at that for now and save the serious ear-bending 'til Milton Keynes.

Are we going to go for 10 am at the station again? Does anyone know where there’s a skate park in Sheffield? I’m having a ponder but can’t remember ever seeing one there.

There is an indoor skate park on the corner of bardwell road in sheffield. Not sure how they would feel about unicyclists though.

Muni around sheffield would be great though, the problem would be the fact there is so much to choose from.


Ho HO HO fellow non-pedestrians!

The 31st sounds good, not straight after the Milton Keynes ride.

Sheffield has an outdoor skate/bmx park (on Devonshire green) that isn’t too good. There’s ramps but only some huge steps that you can do anything other than ride around on.

Sheffield’s indoor skatepark (The House) has yet to be blessed by 1 wheelers. They have a NON-WHEEL rule but I phoned them up a while ago to ask about unicyclists. They said no.
Buuuuut I think they might be persuaded. It’s usually Very busy but if everyone’s interested I’ll make another phone call and use my super charm !!

There’s plenty of excellent spots in Sheffield just waiting to be ridden so not hitting a skatepark isn’t too big a tragedy.

Exciting stuff.
AndyC :smiley:

Hey Ho non-pedestrians

The guys from York are coming !!
More the merrier!

that’s good to hear! me and Kit will be there, and i think Joe B and Matt T, and i’m sure Leo will convince Edd. :wink: i’m working on getting Leigh to come too, but she might need reminding closer to the date, as she was coming to the last one but forgot… :roll_eyes: who else is coming…?


“York Guys”

Just a quick note to confirm that we (the york guys) are coming on the 31st. we’ve booked our train tickets so its fairly definate.

Also while im here id like to say thanks to everyone who was at and organised NUTS#2. It was a great day! CHEERS!!


Chances are ill come down, providing i can share petrol with someone… ill see if matt can make it :slight_smile:

Took me ages to find this thread - thanks Boogie :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it easy all,


Nice one Joe. Sorry about the confuzzling thread title.

Are you still coming to the MK ride? I saw Matt on Sunday and he said he ain’t coming anymore.

Hey All I should be in if i can get a lift of the ye oldies folks, but otherwise i would catch the train. Kit will have to persuade my mam to spend some pennies on petrol.

hey mate.

wont make it to MK - going to a scooter rally (not on the scooter, but with my dad lol)

Where did you see the Toliday?


oh, and I forgot to say yeah ill be at NUTS 3.
Just to clarify… Sheffield on the 31st? Will there be a ride on the sunday, and if so, do we have somewhere to crash out (pref with internet access, so on sunday morning i can try as hard as i can to get Glastonbury tickets!!!)?
Whos coming?

  1. Joe

peace and love,


NUTS wants You!

the Northern Unicycle Trials Session III is on its way[SIZE=3] with only 5 days until this historic event![/SIZE]

This post is to make the decision easier, for any Dilly-Dallyers out there, who are undecided about whether to make the effort to show their eager faces for this stretch of our Quest.

And to entice any onlookers please pay close attention to these (rather rubbish) pictures of some of our favourite spots in the city. It is truly a daunting task to find decent pictures of the more complex parts of the urban furniture of the locations but please exaggerate everything you see because most of the stuff is hidden behind walls etc. These are only a few shots of the places I could find on the internet.
I can’t find a good picture of this spot anywhere but there’s a big set just in the middle of the picture and lots of Lovely benches behind the camera!

I might have to go out with someones camera and get some more shots myself, I’ve had difficulty finding decent photos of the good areas!

It looks like there’s going to be a fair bunch hitting Tha Streets on the 31st so Make sure you’re gonna be there!

Andy out