LBS truing + tyre question, semi-urgent

Hey, well heres the deal:

ive got tha kh frame and 19" VIZ rim, i’ve laced it to the wheel a bit and its now 11:02pm. i havent ordered the tyre yet and i want to take it down to the lbs to get it tensioned and trued tommrorw.

the question:

would i be better te take it down tommorow, get them to true it and then put the tyre on myself. or

wait till i get the tyre and then take it to the lbs to get trued and have them put the tyre on.

i was gunna do #1, but dad said that they might want the tyre cause if you put it on after its been trued and pump it up it might alter the “trueness” of the wheel and the lbs could make adjustwents for it.

what do y’all think about that bit? i think dad’s gone mad :stuck_out_tongue:

so do i take it tommorow or wait to get the tyre?

i need an answer in under 8 hours please.

THANKS :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: heres the pic i forgot it. it really doesnt do the orang rim justice, it looks so cool!

Beautiful. Do any LBSes sell trials tires by chance :wink: ? That would be handy. I dont think that inflating the tire adjusts the true of the wheel though, but I could be wrong.

bah i wish, i have to get mine from interstate.

i wouldnt have thought that it adjustus the trueness but heck i could be wrong (as usual)

Once the wheelset is built and spokes properly tensioned, installing the tire will not have any effect on the trueness of the rim.

I concure, just take the built wheel in the frame so they can use it as a trueing stand, the tyre makes no difference atall.

sweeet, thanks for the quick reply guys, i’ll take it down this afternoon. (its 12:30am here).

i just hope my spokes arent too long, as is theyre all 2mm out the ends of the nipples and it hasnt even been tensioned or trued yet. i hope theres enough thread left on the spokes.

Some bike shops can custom cut spokes, so if they are too long then they can just cut them down, but not all shops can do this.

Also sometimes bike shops have long lists of jobs to do so it may take a couple days for them to true and tension the wheel, so I would definatly say bring it in now, if they true it with the tyre on then it might actualy make the wheel out of true due to imperfections in the tyre. This probably won’t happen but still, my guess is they would probably take the tyre off to do it anyways.

That doesn’t sound good. Is there any tension in the spokes at all? If they’re still loose to the touch and they’re already protruding from the end of the nipples, it’ll probably not be possible to put enough tension into the wheel.