LAUCC 2009 Website: Info, registering, directions and tips!


A bit late but the LAUCC website is online!

The event is 18 days away!

If you want to have some updates before, during and after the competition, follow us on Twitter:

If you need any additional information fell free to mail us at or filling the form at our Contact Page on the website!

Soon we’re going to link pictures from out Flickr account and videos (from the event and the enters for the video competition)!

Hope to see you guys soon in Santiago!

Pedro Tejada!

Hey Pedro, thanks for that website, you did a great job!!! Too bad is only in English…:frowning: If you had contacted me before I could have done the translation.:wink:

I hope you have a good time at the convention!!!

Hi Carlos!

It was supposed to be in three languages at least! I installed the translation plugin… I just have to fill the translation fields, but my spanish isn’t that goog :frowning:

I was supposed to do that with the other guys over MSN past weekend but I had “stones” in my kidney again and spent much time in the hospital… At least now I’m better…

If you want to translate would be awesome! I can create an account at my CMS for you, and you’ll find easy to translate it (Just have to fill some fields, really easy!)…

I plan to keep the same structure for the next year but with different colors and images, so we would keep the same translation…!

Too bad you don’t come this year! You are with no doubt the most important person in our community! But we all understand your reasons… :frowning:
Hopefully you come next year, and hopefully it will be here, so you can visit us too :p!

Thanks for all!


Thanks to Carlos the website is also available in Spanish!

Thanks a lot for that Carlos! Definitely helps many guys from the Spanish forums :smiley: Soon I’ll try to translate it to Portuguese!