LAUCC 2009 Results!


Well, I just got a wirelles signal from someone on the neighborhood here in Santiago!

We are having much fun… I didn’t stopped since I got there :stuck_out_tongue:

Today we had around 20 unicyclists. Not much but as I said before it’s the first meeting here. Unfortunelly some guys could not afford it, but they are probably going to the next one (Next year we’ll probably have 2! One winter in Brazil and one Summer in Argentina)…

Yesterday we had the first flat battles! For the finals tomorrow we have the following riders:

Pedro Tejada (Brasil)
Matias Gentillon (Chile)
Martin Luthard (Argentina)
Diego Miranda (Chile)

Tomorrow we have street in Valparaiso (Around 1 hour by car from Santiago) and the Flat Finals :smiley:

Today we had a nice trials comp too! Nothing to big but funny at all!

In the amateur category:
1: Ulisses Riquelme (Chile)
2: Diego Miranda (Chile)
3: Cristobal Valenzuela (Chile)

In the PRO category we had:
1: Pedro Tejada (Brasil) - All tracks in 59 minutes
2: Martin Luthard (Argentina) - All Tracks in one hour and 4 minutes
3: Matias Gentillon (Chile) - Only one track missing

It was really fun :smiley: We had a quite hard track that took me and Martin some time to complete. There was a small number of tracks but with different difficulties cause we received many inexperienced riders too… I believe that everybody had fun and was awesome to meet everybody (The biggest part of the riders only knew each other over internet)!

Tomorrow I’m going to post some other results!

I want to thanks Kris Holm Unicycles, Cabeza de Martillo (Specially Raul, Angela, Fernando…), The Latin American Uni Team and everybody else who helped!

Also, we ALL here want to thanks Carlos Medina for the work he had to organise the latin american uni community, for all the help with the team and specially with this convention! We definitely missed you here! You MUST come visit us next time!

Soon I bring some Pics and videos :smiley:

Hey Pedro, I’m glad to hear about you and the event!!! It’s good to know that everybody is having a great time. I really hope to go next year. :wink:

Can’t wait to see all the photos and videos!!!

Good luck to all LAUCC riders. I’ll be here waiting for all the competitions results.:smiley: