LAUCC 2009: Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championship!

The thread name explains everything!

The first Latin American unicycling competition is going to happen in Santiago, Chile between Octuber 30 and November 1!

We’re going to have some competitions, workshops and lots of fun!

The flatland, street, trials, high and long jump are going to follow the IUF RuleBook, so soon we’re going to have the first oficial latin records :smiley:

The oficial progam is only in spanish but Carlos is already translating:

I’m going for sure! As many riders from South and Central america! Anyway everybody is welcome here! We can provide a place to sleep and cheap food for sure!

This is our first championship and we plan to do everything well, it may don’t be as good as EUC or NAUCC, but we can assure lots of fun!

I must already thanks all sponsors and people who is helping to organize the event! Also Olaf and Connie from IUF :smiley: Soon I’m going to put something about them!

I hope to see many riders around South America soon! Anyway, if you can’t come this time, we hope to see you next year! (Probably in Brasil or Argentina ;))!


Thanks for posting Pedro!!!
Here I have more information…

We like to invite everybody to the first LAUCC - Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championships (yes, North America have NAUCC and now we have LAUCC :)) from October 30 to November 1.

The event will take place in the beautiful city of Santiago, the capital and largest city of Chile (South America) and is going to be held in a close gym courtesy of Cabeza de Martillo.

The price for the 3 days is around $9 USD and that includes food and lodging (bring your sleeping bag!)

Here is the schedule:

Friday, October 30:

14:00 - Welcome to all riders.
15:30 - General overview.
16:00 - Course set-up for Amateurs and Pro (for training)
18:00 - Dinner break.
19:00 - First round of the Flat Battles. (Amateur and Pro)
21:00 - Video Showcase.

Saturday, October 31:

09:00 - Breakfast.
10:00 - Overview and riders warm-up.
11:00 - Street practice.
13:00 - Lunch.
14:30 - Set-up and warm-up.
15:00 - Street competition. (Amateur and Pro)
17:00 - Break.
18:00 - Trial practice.
20:00 - Second Round of Flat Battles. (Amateur and Pro)
–:-- - Flat final and Public Show.

Sunday, November 1:

10:00 - Breakfast.
11:00 - Riders warm-up.
11:30 - Trial practice (Amateur and Pro)
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Long Jump competition. (All)
15:00 - High Jump competition. (All)
16:00 - Trial competition (Amateur and Pro)
18:30 - Awards and closing event.

Come and join us, we would like to see you there!!!

Thanks Carlos!

Are you coming to Chile!?

Would be awesome to meet you again :smiley: Unfortunally I’m going alone again… My parents will be working and my sister is on the univeristy and can’t miss more days… But I’m going for sure!

EDIT: On the progam, where it says first battles round, it’s actually the qualification run. And where it says final battle, the two final battles for 1,2,3 and 4 place!

Hey Pedro,

It’s nice to know that you are going to the competition!!! I’m sure it’s going to be a great event, but unfortunately I would not be able to go this time… :frowning: I already spend all my vacation time going to the unicycling convention in Spain. Maybe next year!!!

I hope you had a great time there meeting all the great South American riders!

Have fun!

Ooh :frowning: You should come, since you’re one of the most important unicyclist for all the guys around here! But we all understand that the work is more important… Altough you’re already confirmed for 2010 :stuck_out_tongue: No excuses :smiley:

I’m booking my flight tonight!!! Can’t wait to meet all the guys and train my spanish :stuck_out_tongue:

Finaly for latin riders, our first “professional & official” meet, last year we met here in San Juan but it wasn’t some important,

But this Convention would be great! a lot of riders, recognized by IUF(¡¡!!), with a strong sponsor( Cabeza de Martillo) and some other important stuff.

We’re taking each other becuase we want to bring a big friend and rider, the currentrly european trial champion, Aleix Lidon from Spain, if we have the necessary money for the air ticket by an sponsor, he also will come to CHILe!!!