latest video

Nice! Good grinds and twists, especially the fakie 360. Really good filming too!

neato vid. cool style

nice vid. what uni is that? i cant tell.

Not a crankflip in sight! Nice one dude, I loved it!
Nice to see someone breaking the mould!

Rock on!

good riding…but i personally wasn’t into the music–at all!

Classy Vid, claasy tunes.

nice vid!

Definately your best vid yet:)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a two handed tire grab before (1:25)

A painted Torker DX. He used to have it red and white.

I like this color better for your uni:)

Haha that was oldskool! I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

You’re like a Dogtown unicyclist!