Latest uni class / club update

We have one week left for the official close of the uni class. The class has been well received by the participants and the church who is allowing us to use the gym. I just got approval to keep using the gym on a weekly basis and most of our present riders are excited that we have a weekly meeting place.

We now have a core group of unicyclists and a weekly meeting place which is crucial to my plans for growth of the sport in our area. We average 10 riders per session and are continuing to see people showing interest in learning. A couple of known riders from the area have yet to show up to join us for an evening.

As I had planned (and hoped!), the class has given us a solid foundation for the beginnings of a club. I am very pleased with the fruits of our labor. I say “our” because of the great support I have had from some of the other people in our group. I initiated the class and got it started, but much credit goes to Chris and Bob (unidaddy). Chris has done a great job of recruiting others to join us and Bob has been selfless in helping me teach the newbies. Thanks guys!

To celebrate the completion of the class and the “beginning” of our uni club (unofficialy a club) we are riding in a local Christmas Parade. Looks like we will have at least 8 local riders in the parade! Needless to say, I am pumped! :smiley:

Next step will be to organize a leadership group, establish some goals and move forward with plans for club unicycles, trials props, performances (for promotion and fundraising) and for recruiting more members. Looks like 2005 is going to be a big unicycling year for Washington County.



What is the NAME of your club?

-Tom (of MUC)

We don’t have a name yet. We’re just the group that meets on Tuesday nights at the church. I don’t think a name is critical at this point, especially since we have a weekly practice time.

How important do you think a club name is for the growth of the group?


Bill sounds like things are going well. I got the CD and plan on playing around with it in a couple of weeks. Thanks for getting it out for me. Here is a name for your new club… WOW. Washington One Wheelers.

hmmmmm, I think i’ll have to move out west a bit and join in on the fun : )

Glad unicyclings spreading so fast for you guys. Over here I guess it’s slowed down a bit, some of the kids that come to the youth center still try to ride now and then, and my 2 unicycle buddys still ride, things will probably pick up when it gets warmer. I also have a student, but haven’t taught her in a week or two, oh well : )

Thanks for the update,


it’s good to hear things are going well

i don’t think a name is crucial
eventually, i’m sure the sociologists will agree, a club name will create more of a sense of belonging
i’m pretty sure a name will suggest itself at some stage
besides, u’ll need to put something on your club T-shirts


Good idea, I like having the acronym of WOW, but a little late for us to use. Only 5 hours west of us is the Wood One Wheelers, a well established club. It wouldn’t be right to have 2 clubs with WOW name next to each other.

I like the idea of having an acronym with the name that stands on its own. Like WOW and SWAT (Single Wheeled Attack Team, Philly, PA).

GILD - serious promotion efforts will need a name for the t-shirts, flyers, web-site, etc. There are lots of benefits to having a name, but at present we can be TGTRUOTN (pronounced Tig-Trooten) or The Gang That Rides Unicycles On Tuesday Nights. :wink:


Tuesday Night Trailblazers!!!


The Nights we Unicycle are Tuesdays

The Nuts?


(ps. no, tha’s not a serious suggestion, i’m just messing around here)

Monongahela River Monowheelers


Pronounced “Murm”.

Your club cheer, as you road gnat-like, swarming, in the parades or passing hikers while MUni could be a very low, down around low-low Dflat, almost inaudible “murmermurmermurmer” uttered by all members. (tehe)

You could have MRM-men and MRM-maids.

MRM-sters, MRM-ites, MRM-maniacs.

We have a MRM-ite problem, ("murmermurmermurmer)

Name for club

P.U.-Pennsalvania Unicyclers

Hey Bill.

Great to hear that things are going so well!

There already is a W.O.W. club - in Ohio.


Thanks, Bill

When I told Chris about this class that would be starting, I wasn’t sure what his response would be. He had turned me down for so many suggestions I had for him to get involved in, other than Scouts (which his dad pretty much “encouraged” him in being involved in). I casually mentioned it and told him you would be leading it. (For those of you reading this, we knew Bill previously from his employment at the church). He said, “sure, I wouldn’t mind trying it”. I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea he would be THIS interested in it! The group gives him a real sense of belonging, a much-needed growth in self-esteem, something he can call his “own” that his big brother doesn’t have any interest in doing, and a way to make friends.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing this and to thank you for all of your encouragement to Chris. You’ll probably never know how VERY MUCH Chris needed something like this in his life.
I did it in this forum so that others can see what a difference THEY can make in someone’s life.

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see the big PARADE!!!:stuck_out_tongue: (Guess who?) :thinking:

Thanks uni-mom. It’s a pleasure having Chris with us. He’s a fast learner and will be doing some really cool tricks in the near future. Oh yeah, it’s fun to have you around too! Even if you won’t ride one of our crazy one wheeled contraptions. :wink:

For everyone - we have been averaging about 10 unicyclists per evening. Just had another new rider last night and another young rider has been watching her mom and brother ride with us and is showing some interest in learning.

Both of our 10 year old newbies are busting out big rides now and gaining confidence daily. Our newest adult newbie is learning to turn since she is usually riding across the gym and needs to stop or turn.

Tomorrow night will be our first parade together and we’ll have 7 riders. I’m very pleased with the turnout for our first parade. Should be a lot of fun.

Exciting news! I sent in a little update to be put into the church newsletter (where we ride on Tuesday nights). Tonight I got a call from one of their members. He used to own a bicycle shop and has an almost new unicycle in his basement that he is donating to the group. He has 2 other unis in the family that we or an individual might be able to pick up really cheap. he tells me they are all in good to excellent condition since they were hardly used. Thank you, Art, for your generosity!

Gotta go, have few more preparations to do for the parade.


as we approach the end of the year, i start running little ‘best of…’ lists in my head
favourite thread
favourite post
that kinda thing
and as far as favourite posts go, that one by uni-mom is most definately up there
very wow

bill, isn’t it about time to change that sig-line?

Re: Latest uni class / club update

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 20:38:25 -0600, “billham” wrote:

>Gotta go, have few more preparations to do for the parade.

Bill is a busy man now, but in a nice way. Go Bill!

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That’s one of the things I like about this sport. It’s uniqueness draws in people in its own special way. The camraderie is strong and the rewards (for riders and organizers) are great.

Yep, it is. Any better now?

I’m checking into liability and legal issues right now. I’m not a rich man, but I don’t want to lose what I’ve got. I also want to minimize the liability risks for other leaders within the “future” club.

We have too much stupid and frivilous litigation in this country. It’s pretty sad at times.


true, still beats the crap out of complete lawlessness and anarchy tho