Latest personal achievement - for a good cause!

Chad (BugMan), Doug Papciak, and I broke new personal distance records this weekend - and we did it to raise money for a great cause. We rode in the “Tour de Cure” - to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Chad and I rode 50K (30 miles) on our Cokers and Doug rode 20K (12 miles) on his 24". Prior to this Chad and I have only ridden a few distance rides (12, 18, 22, and 26 miles). We were so pumped to break our old records! Doug has only been riding about 2 months - and he rode 12 MILES! The weather was not great, either - heavy rain and overcast skies almost the whole ride.

Please support our rides and the American Diabetes Association. With your support our team could end up being the highest fundraiser of the event (we’re already over $10,000).

Click on this link to make a donation under my name:

The link to Chad’s donation page is in his signature (Bugman).

Thank you for sharing our accomplishment.

Atlanta, GA

It really was a great experience and am really pleased with the outcome. I really did great on my fundraising due to the generosity of people everywhere. Even someone from this board was kind enough to make a donation. If anyone is inclined to make a donation, please help out Reid, he really could use a few extra donations. We have to have this turned in by the end of the month. Good luck Reid.

Sounds like a good time! It must be hot there by now, and with high humidity…