latest on one wheel is out!

My copy of OOW wheel arrived this morning. That means all you folks who don’t get it via priority mail have something to look forward to in the next week or so.

The latest issue features stuff on:
Nationals 2002
Post Unicon north shore adventures
24 hours of adrenalin race
plus more

Lots of good articles and pictures, I especially like the pic of dustin prior to rim taco-ing. Now I know why the rim looked like it did when he returned to the gym :slight_smile:

I liked watching Peter Bier tear up the MUni rides. Then watch him break a crank at the trials course and photograph it while it was still hot. I also liked watching Dustin ride backwards down the stairs at the Issaquah High School track on a trials uni.

Re: latest on one wheel is out!

Were there any pics of me by any chance?

Thanx, I dont know if you remember me, we met when we rode down the expert
downhill course that they were intending to use for the competition. And you
got a flat tire…

Dylan Wallinger

Yes there is a pic of you, on the rat pack trail.

Man, that trial kicked ass.

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Cool, thanx Pete.


Re: latest on one wheel is out!

I thought that trail was hillarious, the structures were sooo rickety.


well yeah, but at least there were strucktures. nothing of the sort at all yet here.

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we have tons, it’s not a trail if it doesn’t have structures. Ewok village is
the coolest trail ever.

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well im not in freeride country…

I guess I’m just spoiled…

I’m still planning a Vancouver Island MUni weekend for sometime in the spring/summer of 2003.


Rat Pac is a fun trail even for those of us who don’t ride all of the stunts. The trail is getting a little bit of work done on it. They are going to extend the very bottom section so the trail will be longer. And they’re going to add some skinnies to make the new section interesting. I think they are also planning on changing the middle section of the trail where it looses a lot of elevation without making optimal use of that elevation loss.

I’m sure the Canadians were amused that many of the stunts were made out of twigs.

I was wondering, how do you get a subscription to OOW?? is there a website or an email? If there is what is it??
Any help would be appreciated because all my free (non-unicycling) time is spent researching uni-stuff on the internet, and i’m starting to run out of new stuff to read/look at :roll_eyes:


How to get OOW

OOW is the newsletter of USA.

Go to and download the membership application.

I think it is all snail mail after that.

Join the USA. Go to the USA website.

How many magazines do you get per year???

Do you mean in a “calendar” year, or “USA” year?
Also, the answer depends upon how well the mail system works.
If you get everything that was mailed to you, in a timely fashion, then the answer is varrious, regardless of the type year you use.
They are supposed to come out quarterly, but it depends upon how much input the editors get, and how much time they have to work on it. The newsletter is made from contributions from the readers, and the editors often must beg for more input.
I like getting it, no matter how often.

Sorry, Jerry, that was impossible to pass up. Thanks for the signature quote.

Yes, they come out quarterly and we are working on making it be on a more regular schedule. When getting a USA membership, for each year of membership you get, you’ll be a member for 4 issues of the On One Wheel even if it takes us longer than a year to get 4 issues out.

Re: latest on one wheel is out!

john_childs <> wrote:

> Rat Pac is a fun trail even for those of us who don’t ride all of the
> stunts.

I’ve still got the scar to prove what a fun trail it was. Anyone remember
that MASSIVE bruise I picked up on one arm form a rock. Well it looks like
the lump and discolouration are going to be with me for many years to

Fun ride.

2nd Darmstadt International Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Nov 30th - Dec. 1st 2002