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Hey i just searched zack baldwin on youtube and it seems he made two small video’s a month ago.So he hasnt completely quit.

That was somewhat dissapointing… but hey, It’s good that he still rides…

Wow, the editing on the second video REALLY wasn’t necessary…

uh, I dont get it…
this guy riding is not a very good rider.
the “zach baldwin” on defect is much better. If this really is a “late” video he should be better. so all this means is that this is old information, which does not mean that he has not quit. right?
tell me if I am not getting something


He has stopped riding like he used to.Now he just does it for fun and people have been thinking he has completely stopped but im just proving that he still rides sometimes.

footage looks old to me, maybe someone just uploaded it now and its from awhile ago.

know one goes from that good to that lame sauce

Thats what I was thinking too.

Old footage, recently uploaded by some guy.

Looks old to me aswell… Can’t really tell… I can’t even tell what uni hes riding.

It looks like Nathan Hoover in the background at the end of the first video, so maybe he knows how long ago it was.

They said it was at a b*ke race

Edit:“24 hours of Adrenalin Race.”

yeah, i saw this stuff last week on youtube.

it is OLD footage. probably from '04 or earlier, except for the impossible wheel footage…that could be from '05 at the very latest. i mean, look at the uni he hops onto the picnic table with. it’s got a miyata seat on it, from the looks of it. it’s definitely before he was riding ‘the ti.’

Yeah, it looks like it was '04

hey woow that video was at laguna seca at a 24 hour race along time ago. that was way befor defect.

Yeah I thought so haha.

So… hows the riding going Zack?