Late Night Unicycling

A few nights ago, I was feeling a little wired, and got an inch to unicycle when I should’ve been going to bed, around 12 am. So I crept out onto my street, and did some juggling on my uni for the first time, under the street lights. I tried some stomach on the seat riding too, and I was afraid I’d wake my neighbors when my uni crashed to the ground.
Unicycling is such a great way to get rid of stress. It’s so much fun and just takes your mind off everything when you’re doing it. Does anyone else unicycle in the middle of the night?

Indeed yes. Everything seems that little bit faster at night; there are fewer people in the way, and it’s cooler (well, that’s a good thing in summer, anyway).

If I’ve been working all evening or something, a ride outside is a nice way to use up a bit of energy and get some fresh air. Most appreciated.


In the summer on a warm evening, with the sun setting over the fields… a quiet pub, and returning to the car by moonlight… owls swooping low, and a fox pausing in wonderment as it crosses my path… a dark lane, with a canopy of trees, an unseen bump, a sudden swerve, the startled face of a drunken pedestrian momentarily lit up by my head torch… it’s great fun.

But at this time of year, it’s only because f I didn’t ride in the dark I’d hardly get to ride at all.

My favorite time to ride my uni is at night time, especially in the summer when the air is slightly cooler and there are no cars on the rode. It’s also a great time to practice, because when I practice and people are watching and phyc myself out, but then again when riding with somebody I have more courage to do things.


I am a night person, as opposed to a morning person. I walk the dog at midnight, often on a unicycle (the dog does not ride). Sometimes, after he’s been walked, I ride the UW around the block. People coming home at this time are easily confused. I like to ride the trails at night in the summer because it’s cooler. In the winter it gets dark early, so it’s either at night, or only on the weekends. During the wet seasons when mosquitoes are thick, it’s cool to see them in the headlight looking for the source -as long as you keep pedaling, most do not find/catch you. MUniing at night makes you think you’re going a lot faster.
I like to ride at night, but other than that, I’m perfectly normal, perfectly normal…

I almost always unicycle during the night as I work and go to classes all day. In fact in another few hours I will be heading out in the darkness on a wonderous unicycling journey. I think may word of the day is wonder and all its wonderfully wonderous correct and incorrect forms. Wonderlicious, boy that was silly.

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