Late Moab 2007 Video!!!

This is the video I ended up making with the amount of footage I got at Moab.

Sorry it took so long, but first I had issues with compressing the video size down, getting it to upload somewhere, then with graduation and lots of other stuff I had to kinda forget about the video. Now im done with school and was able to get the vid to upload on youtube.

Here it is, I hope you all like it.

Warning: There is some vulgarity in the last song, and maybe some in the 2nd song, but dont be offended, its just words.

Awesome, I really hope I can make it to moab next year.

It doesnt work very well for me. Its prob cause my internet is really slow. But it basically looks like a slide show to me.

Did you fully let it load, then play it?

Im gonna get it uploaded other places so there can be a direct download link.

Ill let it load but You tube usually works really well. I am on another computer than usually which isnt as new. So Im not sure.

Jerrick that was sick mon! haha, “your bike sucks”…:smiley:

Hey is that The Pillows in the intro?

That hiphop song kinda reminded me of M-Flo, but I’m probably wrong on that one.

I think my favourite part was the intro.

thats pretty good…the music is still good though…
i didnt know that many people went for that big drop on the muni trail…i thought only rick and garrett went for it…

Yeah, I think about 5 people tried it, and me, so maybe 6.

Glad you are all liking it so far. Its hard to ride everything, and film everyone riding things.