Last word about helmets

Okay so it’s probably not the last word. But here’s a powerful story to remind
us why to wear 'em.

Just now at lunch I was eating with Brett (Bloodman) Bymaster. He told me about
a friend of his from church who was riding the Manzanita Trail
( last 7 pictures) recently
(on a bike). He had 23 stitches on his face, and in Brett’s words “his face was
gone”. He doesn’t even remember crashing. Last thing he remembered was riding
along the trail, next thing he knows he’s on his back with a bunch of people
over him trying to see if he’s alive. Apparently his brain was erased to a spot
before the crash.

Oh, I forgot to mention. His helmet was split in half. Though it’s impossible to
say for sure, this would appear to be one of those cases where if he wasn’t
wearing it he would have been 100% dead.

Granted, bikes are more dangerous than unicycles. This is because it’s much
harder to dismount in a crash situation and still be right side up. But
accidents can happen to us too. Though I respect any adult’s free choice to wear
or not wear a helmet when riding on their own, I find the prevention to be worth
the extra hassle.

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone (BTW, in case you were
wondering what it would be like to be only 80% dead or something, come see me
any Monday morning at work after a big weekend…)