Last "Uni-Geezer" coming up...

This will mark my 70th uni video on youtube, (nearly 90 with google included!) and something like my 15th in what will likely be my *last" “Uni-Geezer” installment. I basically pulled out all my stops and did my highest drops, (landed this time :slight_smile: ), the most difficult coker trials…on wobbly-ass cinder blocks, and other stuff, plus some comedy bits and even a coker ride in Walmart!

So unless I manage to do even more crazy risky stuff, I will probably quit while I’m ahead! No, not “quit” riding, just the really risky stuff. I should have it finished and posted to the Video forum later today. Thanks everybody for your encouragement and support!:smiley:

why the last? The shopping center cops onto you?

Aw that’s kinda sad to hear. Your videos have been an inspiration to many.

Personally, I love the shopping center bits. Perhaps you should start a new series; strictly a collection of rides through supermarkets, sporting good stores, etc. :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought about just doing vids on the lighter side, like comedy bit and shop rides. In today’s walmart ride, i’m going to try to set up my camera inside to show me riding in, then grab it as I pass and continue to shoot. Also I think it would be cool if I could somehow page myself over the intercom, like, “Uni-geezer to aisle 9 for Unicyle lessons!” :sunglasses:

Haha, it’s funny you mention that. Earlier today I searched for “Walmart Intercom” on youtube and watched a collection of kids playing pranks with the intercoms…it’s some pretty funny stuff. This one that is featured at the moment is what sparked my interest.

Apparently you can use any of those numerous phones about in Wal-marts to get on the intercom. A lot of them have it on speed dial…if not you have to dial something like #96

You have to do it!

Funny how me an Spencer were looking at videos like this last night…

Haha editing now! I got the COOLEST footage of me riding inside walmart…actually, I paid a guy standing outside selling cd’s $10 to follow me in and videotape everything in full-shot…it turned out great! You can also hear an employee telling me “you can’t do that in here!” Needless to say that didn’t stop me or the guy taping me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn, another problem with living near the east coast. Both Jay Leno and the ‘Uni-Geezer’ shows are on too late for work nights.

I cant wait to see it :smiley:

Ok it’s up now in the video forum. Hope ya’ll like it I had a lot of fun making it!:smiley:


Another Great video Terry!

Really enjoyed the pie, has to be the best reply.

Haha no, just that I’m running out of things to do and I don’t want to repeat myself.:o

Thanks yeah that kid was a good sport. Only thing is while I was preparing and setting up the camera, the whipped cream was melting, so I kept adding more…and more! That’s why it splattered so much when it hit!!

I had brought along a gallon of water and a towel so he could clean up after. Only fair! What you don’t see is another kid who also got the same thing done to him, but by his friend! I had a “backup” pie and he really wanted to get a pie in the face too! It was funny. I got it on video somehwere.