Last nights TV3 Nightline interview- video

Got interviewed on the national news last night. Here’s the video:):

If you go here you can see it:

I SSttuttered a little.

Well done, Ken! Well spoken all round. A cute reporter, unicycling as the topic… wait a minute… what’s this about “earning you the extra wheel”??? :thinking:


Nice to hear Kiwi voices again.

Excellent interview! You are great! Thanks for showing the video.

Yeah she was cute :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured after doing The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (160km) on a unicycle for the last 2yrs, it’s time to do something different. So 2laps (320km) on 2 wheels for now, maybe when I get more used to the Schlumpf I’ll do the double lapper on a unicycle next year.

I fully agree… she is cute. I’ll watch the vid again when I get to a computer with speakers. Great job Ken.

Oh Ken you shoulda told be it was on I could have watched it! Oh well :stuck_out_tongue: good stuff.

Great interview!
Thanks for putting up such a fine front for us one wheelers! Good luck in your races, too.


It was awesome to see you on the news, Ken! :slight_smile:

Twice the wheels, twice the K’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

You did an awesome job!


Good interview, Ken. I didn’t notice any stuttering. :stuck_out_tongue: See you at the start of your second lap of Lake Taupo as Peter Bier and I are starting our first!

Has anyone figured out how to save the video clip to your computer?

I’m working on it. Someone will probably beat me to it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice!!! I am glad that you made a different outlook on unicyclingfor all the people who dont know about it… ITS NOT ONLY FOR CLOWNS!!! :roll_eyes: by the way… you did a good job of showing the “” sticker on your the frameof your muni:D :smiley:

What a fantastic interview, Ken. Congratulations. If you think you were stuttering you must be ridiculously articulate normally. I noticed no speech impediments, just a well informed, calm, photogenic guy with great presence.

Bruce Edwards is cuter than the journalist.

Yeah, I agree with Harper!
You inspired me to buy a Muni.

Maybe stutter is not the word I was looking for, but I certainly repeated myself a couple to times.

By the way, I can’t seem to copy the clip either? It would be good to have a digital version on my computer. Anyone know how it can be done?

how much did you get paid for the advertising?:stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah! that was a good interview, and it shows uni ain’t just for clowns anymore.

I went and got some extra stickers to put on my Unis before the interview. Glad it came out. I was wearing my local bike shop sponsors shirt (I alternate- usually wear my UDC top on my B*ke).

I have a copy of the clip. It’s in my Temporary Stuff gallery.

The program Net Transport and some other similar programs are able to grab streaming video. The trick is figuring out what the URL is for the download.

Re: Last nights TV3 Nightline interview- video

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 19:44:44 -0600, TonyMelton wrote:

>Has anyone figured out how to save the video clip to your computer?

I tried that as well. A streaming video can often be found in your
cache memory after you’ve played it, but I didn’t find it this time.
Ken, I guess you could ask them for a copy?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

What a fantastic interview! Really well done, Ken. It’s nice to be able to put a more accurate face to your posts on too, although speaking to you on the phone a while back helped as well. One day we’ll meet. :slight_smile: Actually, I’m hoping to visit NZ some time next year so I’ll let you know what my plans are. Nice work. :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps John, you’re awesome! I’ve downloaded off your website. Saves me working out how to copy from video tape to digital format.

Klaas- it’s on Johns website.

Andrew- yeah, I’d love to catch up with you next year. If not, I’ll probably head over to Hidden Vale again.