Last Night

My last day riding in my basement… It just got finished today with carpet. Also made to test out my camera more.

Quick edit, quick filming, one night of riding… It sucks, I know.

Any suggestions are welcome. I am working on getting doubleflip to wheel, so help there would be greatly appreciated.

Really nice. Amazing consistancy. but…

No overflips?? I really want to see some variations. :stuck_out_tongue:

That vid will come… I want to wait a while so that they are cleaner, easier to see the no footer (they look a little too much like normal late tricks on camera currently).

Nice, I wish I could ride flat as well as you!

great practice sesh.

A’ight man. That’s about how my underflips are looking right now too. Again, awesome vid, can’t wait to see more from you in the future.:slight_smile:

Wow, you’re really good.

But your seat is way too low. Raise it, you’ll love it so much more.

Yeah, I can’t wait to see some stuff of you outdoors with your camera…


Thanks everyone.

I am slowly raising my seat up, I had it low because I was trying doublebacks and I need my seat low for them.
Once it isn’t below zero and there isn’t a foot of snow… then I will film some stuff outside :slight_smile:

Lookin good.

nice vid

cool vid
but weren’t you able to film your body once too?:smiley:

nice flat
but why do you flip one and a half to how and then a half flip down :thinking:
sry for my bad english:o

He was trying doubleflip to wheel but only got 1.5 flip. I’m guessing.

Yeah, any tips on getting double?

cool flatland, you managed to entertain me with it, it’s not much flat that can achieve that! :stuck_out_tongue: