Last night I dreamt I landed...

-20 static backflips in a combo(no hops in between)
-A backflip up a table.

This thread is for all those who dream about unicycling, and landed something in their dream that they got excited about and wanted to brag about it in Today I, but then couldn’t because it was just a dream.

rrrr! all my friends have had dreams about unicycling and they don’t ride as much as me and i’ve never had one. i want one. :smiley:

I’ve had several dreams of riding my 36er and straight up taking my feet off the pedals and coasting around like it’s nothing with perfect control and balance. Then to top it off while I’m coasting I do 180 bunnyhops and start coasting backwards like it’s nothing. Then I wake up somewhat disappointed. :frowning:

I didn’t have this dream last night but its a pretty common one. In the dream I’m on the trials uni but its freewheeling and I’m able to go really fast and coast like a bike and I start doing downhill and hitting huge jumps. Its a similar feeling to snowboarding.

None last night, but a lot of times I’ll have a dream about landing a much more advanced version of something I worked on that day. Like when I was still struggling to get one leg wrap down, I dreamed I was doing stuff like rolling wraps and triple-wraps, or when I was working on backwards I was doing one-footed backwards in my dream, stuff like that.

Last time I had a dream about unicycling was when I couldn’t ride it. In the dream I could. I swear that I could ride several revolutions the next day and the dream actually helped.:smiley:

i dreamt that spencer h and chris h were round my house and we were looking at odyssey twisted pcs and how amazing they are.Also had another one where i could coast for aslong as i wanted.Havent had a uni dream for about a year now

My last uni dream was sweet.

First it started in a large desert, with a sweet soundtrack going on. In the desert there were huge pillars sticking out. Very wide, and very tall. I start riding, and get going really fast, and just launched off the first pillar, just soaring hundreds of feet until landing on the next, speeding to the edge, and jumping to the next, twisting, flipping, crankflips, and all nature of uni tricks being done. Landings so smooth, before finally jumping off one pillar and falling over the top of a mountain, where the trials uni changed to a muni. And now im just soaring down a huge mountain, kind of like skiers/snowboarders you see, dropping off cliffs and all. Near the base of the mountain, was my house, where I just glided straight to the door, opened it, walked in and woke up.

I havent really had many of the being able to do tricks im learning stuff, but I prefer my flying/soaring cinematic ones.

I cant wait to go skydiving. lol

I’ve had several dreams about unicycling, but the only one I remember was the one I had about crankflips. It was pretty tight it examined them from all angles like from one of those sky cams you see on the discovery channel examining the African plains from the sky except flying around me. I do believe i would of landed crankflips the next day if I hadn’t had a sprained ankle at the time and sadly will never know if my assumption was true.:frowning:

Last night my dream was about landing crankflips, of course yesterday I was trying and failing to do them, and then my dream went from crankflips to the trick which is a rolling 180 unispin with a crankflip. I went outside to try that trick today and it didn’t really work out too well. Also I see the tricks in slow motion, and from different angles too.

I almost always go to bed “visualizing” what I want to do in my next video, and I often see myself doing tricks that are at least within the bounds of possibility. What’s wild is that my dreams tend to be very “lucid” and clear, almost like it’s total reality, and then I wake up and realize that it was just a dream and I think, “dang, I thought I could do that now!”

The visualizations usually continues when I fall asleep, and evolves in my dreams, where I can see every facet of the trick from every angle, and it just seems so real. I’m convinced that this helps me to improve. I think visualizing success in any capacity can be very helpful; if you believe you can do something, you’ll have a better chance of being successful. :slight_smile:

When I have a unicycle dream it is usually me sessioning some of the places I used to skate (ages ago!) but on a unicycle i.e. hitting hand rails and “manuals” on park benches. Kind of weird.

Well yesterday I rode with Michael (Unreal-Wheel) and almost got a doubleflip riding his Devil with a CF base. And last night I dreamed I landed some, super clean, from different angles and stuff. But I tried today and I cant seem to get them :frowning: CF bases are so nice but expensive. I woke up this morning and thought about how I landed them but then realized it was just a dream.

I always dream of high speed gliding/coasting down massive mountains and roads or through my neighbourhood. So much fun, sucks waking up.

I wish I could have a dream about unicycling :slight_smile:

I didn’t land anything last night, but i dreamt that Unipsyco came to my house to ride, but first he had to get a little more air pressure in his tube, and I had to do something else with my uni. I woke up just when the real fun was about to start: just before we began to do trials and street in my neighbourhood! :frowning: :angry:

I had a dream it was the end of the world, and black holes were going up everywhere, then I was at Isaac Steiner’s house. But I couldn’t find my socks. Anyways, I go over and talk and he has some thick australian accent. I asked if I could see his unicycle, and when he brought it out, his seat was the size of a pizza. He said it was perfect for street. Then he took me inside and showed my how his grandpa likes stars.

lol i love crazy dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream I was at RTL2 in San Francisco and was riding in the time trial. The course had a number of short, uber-steep sections in it, and my wheel was slowing to almost a stop, so I simply hand wheel-walked my way up. On a Coker. It just made sense at the time.

I remember that last night I dreamt I was reading a thread in this forum, when Skrobo had written in one of his posts, that Unicycledood and Beeper were the same person. Unicycledood’s next post was something along the lines of “Yarr, how did you find out?”. Then skrobo posted something, and Unicyledood replied from his Beeper account. Then they went on with whatever they were discussing, which I don’t remember what was.
The next I remember is that I were saving some small kids from demons while riding my unicycle. That probably happened hours later.